Is Richard Armitage Gay? The Obsession Star’s Sexuality Revealed!

Derick Scholz

Is Richard Armitage Gay? The Obsession Star's Sexuality Revealed!

Richard Armitage has never confirmed nor denied that he is gay. However, rumors about the actor’s sexuality continue to crop up. The speculations that Richard Armitage is gay started when people noticed that he had too real chemistry with his costar from The Hobbit, Lee Pace, who is not straight and who told publicly that he loved Armitage.

Richard Armitage catapulted into worldwide prominence as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, he was much appreciated for his role as Gary Fuller in Into the Storm, and he rose into global fame with his performances in Captain America: The First Avenger, Alice Through the Looking Glass, and Sleepwalker. He is a truly gifted actor. Not just a good actor but he is too good-looking for his own good as well.

His ruggedly handsome looks have garnered a lot of attention for him and fan following for him and it sometimes even overshadows his acting skills. He is a ladies’ man. It’s like he was created by God for women. But if he is gay, can you even look at it that way? The rumors about his sexuality have been around forever. People believe that he is not straight even though he has never confirmed his sexual orientation. So, is Richard Armitage gay? Let’s find out!

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Is Richard Armitage Gay? Why Do People Believe That He Is Not Straight?

Ever since Obsession premiered on Netflix, people have been obsessed with Richard Armitage (@richardcarmitage) and they just can’t get over that pillow scene. It was downright traumatizing for many people how he inhaled his son’s fiancee’s scent out of a pillow and then did stuff to it. You can’t get any creepier than that, or straighter than that. Then what is this talk about him being gay?

Richard Armitage is rumored to be gay since 2014.
Richard Armitage is rumored to be gay since 2014.
Image Source: Just Jared

Richard Armitage’s sexuality has been discussed extensively. Speculations about the actor being gay are not new. Such rumors about him being attracted to men can be traced back to 2014. You might even remember when they started. It was right after the final installment of The Hobbit trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies, was released. He portrayed the dwarf king and leader Thorin Oakenshield in the movie. It was a role that got him worldwide recognition.

But that was not all. That very role also raised questions about his sexuality. Apparently, Richard Armitage’s chemistry with his costar Lee Pace, who played Thandruil, was just too real for it to be just acting. His energy really matched that of his male costar which made people think that he was romantically involved with Lee Pace. And thus, began the rumors that Armitage is gay.

It probably didn’t help that Richard Armitage, during The Hobbit, was seen hanging out and attending red-carpet events together with Lee Pace. Even though it’s not uncommon for costars to attend functions differently, what makes it different is that back then, Pace was an openly gay actor who publicly said in an interview that he loved his co-star. A lot of people took it seriously and really thought that Pace meant that he loved Armitage romantically.

Richard Armitage is rumored to have been in a romantic relationship with Lee Pace.
Richard Armitage is rumored to have been in a romantic relationship with Lee Pace.
Image Source: Hello Magazine

And add to it the fact that Ian McKellen, their Hobbit costar, when talking about his sexuality and how being gay was different compared to previous times in an interview, mentioned that there were two gay actors portrayed in the movie. People took it to mean that he was implying Richard Armitage and Lee Pace even though he never gave the names of the gay actors.

McKellen’s statement really fueled the rumors that Richard Armitage is gay. Richard never clarified that McKellen was not talking about him so, the rumors continued. He also never addressed the speculation that he was in a romantic relationship with Lee Pace. His silence on these matters led fans to be more convinced that he was not straight.

Richard Armitage has never confirmed his sexuality.
Richard Armitage has never confirmed his sexuality.
Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Till today, the actor has never addressed any comments about his sexuality and never confirmed his sexual orientation. He has neither confirmed nor denied that he is gay. However, he once publicly lent his support to the LGBTQI+ community. He posted a snap of a rainbow flag and captioned that post,

Be grateful for love. Be grateful that you can feel it for whomever it is. It’s a brief existence. Live it with love. 

Many people took that post as an indirect confirmation from Richard Armitage that he is gay as a matter of fact. They ignored the fact that he could just be an ally who supports the LGBTQI+ community and not necessarily gay. There were lots of comments about his sexual orientation in the post. But he never addressed them.