Rocco Dispirito’s Weight Gain: Fans Ask When Did Rocco Get Fat?


Rocco Dispirito's Weight Gain: Fans Ask When Did Rocco Get Fat?

Rocco Dispirito’s sudden weight gain has bamboozled fans as they wonder ‘when did Rocco get fat?’ Does he have an eating disorder? Here’s the truth about Rocco Dispirito’s weight gain in 2022.

Many of us claim ourselves to be a foodie and all thanks to the professional chefs who are determined to make varieties of mouth-watery dishes and cuisines. Rocco Dispirito is one of such renowned American professional chefs.

Apart from cooking, Rocco Dispirito is a television reality star as well, known for The Restaurant. The series is solely unscripted and depicts how the Italian-American chef, Rocco keeps his fame at risk when he thrives to fulfill his longtime dream of starting his Manhattan eatery.

Conversely, Rocco has been covering up all the news media portals for his sudden weight gain. Did the chef have any eating disorders or did he change from being a chef to the customer himself? Let’s explore the reason behind the weight gain.

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Rocco Dispirito’s Weight Gain in 2022: Did Rocco Get Fat?

In the early/mid-2000s, the NBC reality show, The Restaurant, gave an insight into how the American professional chef, Rocco Dispirito puts his fame and almost everything to start up his Manhattan Eatery. Being a professional chef and a reality television star, people keep their eyes on Rocco Dispirito and notice every small detail of him.

Aged 55, Rocco Dispirito was born on 19th November 1966 in Queens, New York, United States. He completed his high school at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, and later, gained a Bachelor’s degree in business from Boston University. Immensely popular for Italian and American cuisines along with food fusion, Rocco makes a lot of money.

As per some sources, it has been estimated that Dispirito is worth around $9 million. More than any of his other news, his weight gain has been of major concern and people are invested to know how Rocco gained sudden pounds of weight. Some have even speculated that the chef might have an eating disorder. So, what’s the reason behind the massive weight gain?

In 2013, his life came to a turning point when he lost his mother. While Rocco was still in the mourning phase and was already in the lowest phase of his life, another obstacle caught him up. For his acute sciatica, Rocco had to undergo spinal surgery which is specifically called emergency diskectomy.

During his recovery phase, Rocco’s body solely lost its mobility making him unable to even perform basic activities. Thus, the consumption of food devoid the body movement and lost mobility led to weight gain, and Rocco’s physical appearance changed completely.

Apart from his physical appearance, his weight gain espoused high cholesterol levels and increased his blood pressure. As per some sources, the chef weighed around 216 kgs during his weight-gaining phase. The one good thing about his weight gain is Rocco didn’t develop an eating disorder, and he was bound to gain weight not because of his any cravings.

Having pounds of weight and unnecessary fat didn’t confine Rocco Dispirito to being a health advocate, and he adhered to posting healthy diets and food recipes. Moreover, after his recovery, he successfully lost 30 lbs.

Although Rocco’s weight gain brought adverse impacts on his personal as well as professional career, he didn’t stop loving himself and gave his best in trying his best to achieve the best possible result.

What is Rocco Dispirito Doing Now?

Rocco Dispirito although born in Queens, lives today with his family and two dogs and two cats in TriBeCa. Years after struggling with his spinal surgery and weight gain complications, presently, Rocco is absolutely fit and has been consistent with sharing his healthy recipes as well as the fusion of American and Italian dishes.

On his Instagram account, he is seen posting several varieties of cuisines, and his efforts towards recipes and cooking have helped him gather a huge number of Instagram followers.

Talking about his relationship status, Rocco Dispirito is divorced. Earlier, he shared his wedding vows with Natalie David, however, there’s no answer to when they exactly married but it is confirmed that in 2000, they officially parted ways.

Since then, Rocco hasn’t been any other kind of committed marriage life but it is likely that the chef has been exploring his love life, and might have dated other women. As of now, he is probably single.

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