Rodney Lambert’s Weight Loss: The TikTok Star Has Shed Over 240 Pounds in 3 Years!


Rodney Lambert’s Weight Loss: The TikTok Star Has Shed Over 240 Pounds in 3 Years!

Rodney Lambert’s weight loss journey has shocked everyone as he was able to lose over 240 pounds in a span of just three years. The TikTok star frequently posts content about his journey on the platform. As a result, people are curious to know about his diet plan and workout routine. Furthermore, he has also undergone minor surgery. Follow the article to know more about Rodney Lambert’s weight loss journey.

Rodney Lambert is a TikTok star, fitness fanatic, and social media personality well-known for his fitness journey as he uploads videos of his mesmerizing weight transformation efforts. Moreover, the social media star is prominent for his TikTok videos about workouts and diet plans. He is quite open about his weight loss journey on social media. As a result, Lambert is now a genuine inspiration for many.

The pro-TikToker was told by the doctor to cease going out and rest for a while, and he never anticipated being positive or responding well due to his plus size. He was striving to figure out what he could do to lose weight at the moment.

Rodney Lambert managed to undergo significant weight reduction which has led many fans curious to know more about his surprising transformation. Continue reading to learn more about his weight loss journey.

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Rodney Lambert’s Weight Loss Journey: How Did He Lose 240 Pounds?

Rodney Lambert (@rodneylambert) is a popular TikTok user with 34.9k followers, who has undergone from 420 pounds to 185 pounds in three years, as seen on his TikTok videos. He is well renowned for his weight loss journey, which he chronicles in videos.

He rose to prominence by routinely posting videos on TikTok about his diet and exercises. Moreover, the social media star also remarked that his new personality is the same as his old one. In the gym, he is displaying an entire personality trait.

The fitness maniac looks to be growing fit by the day. He characterizes his working habit as a regular schedule that is superior to drugs and his favorite substance. As a chubby youngster, he was tormented, and he was also emotionally tortured since no one spoke to him correctly.

Additionally, Rodney Lambert weighed 200 pounds in fifth grade and 420 pounds in high school. He was not delighted to be referred to as a big fat lad, but he liked eating and saw no other way to feel better. He was instructed by the doctor to stop going out and relax for a bit, and he never expected to be positive or respond well since he was a heavy-weight person. Rodney was debating what he could do to lose weight.

After many years of struggle, the TikToker began his weight loss journey at a young age, reducing around 100 kg in just two years. Many people look up to him as an inspiration, and his admirers like seeing him work out and stick to his diet plan, which he has been streaming on TikTok for his supporters.

As someone who suffers from body dysmorphic disorder, he feels that when it comes to weight loss and increase, bulking is more difficult than lowering. However, body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health condition that Rodney wants to bring to light. If you have BDD, you may be so preoccupied with your appearance that it interferes with your ability to operate normally.

Other than this, the internet sensation claimed to have experienced a lot of joint discomforts when he first started working out for weight loss. He also gives workout tips for aiding others on a regular basis. His first month of dieting failed because he wanted to change his name from a giant overweight person and be altered by graduation.

While conversing with a coworker, he decided to go to the gym and sign up for a membership. He skipped his shift that day and avoided any junk food. Rodney also attributes his weight loss to his pal Zayn. He is presently suffering from sagging skin concerns as a result of his extreme weight transformation and subsequent metamorphosis into a fit guy.

Rodney Lambert’s Diet Plan, Workout Routine, Skin Surgery & Other Health Problems!

Rodney Lambert (@Brodfit) used to drink two liters of soda every day and eat as much as he could till he felt good. He is now a genuine inspiration after years of avoiding fast food, bad food, and even soda. Although he used to feel bad about having a comment about his body, he now compliments his friend for pushing him to better.

The fitness enthusiast has followed a strict diet plan for three years which has led him to a perfect shape. However, his complete diet plan and workout routine have not been revealed yet.

So far, the TikToker star has discussed skin surgery, which has garnered positive reactions from some of his followers, as well as a fundraising platform such as Fund Me contribution, which he has lately considered. His new major objective is to travel as much as possible. Rodney Lambert was suffering from ailments, and physicians recommended weight loss because he would be in trouble and get BDD if he did not.

On the other hand, Rodney had four reconstructive leg operations prior to reducing weight, since this is a common therapy for issues following an injury and the repair of limb deformities, including limb lengthening. He was in bed for six months, during which time he pondered abandoning his weight loss efforts on multiple occasions.

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