Ron DeSantis’ Weight Loss: How Did The Florida Governor Get so Fit and Slim? Did He Take Ozempic?


Ron DeSantis' Weight Loss: How Did The Florida Governor Get so Fit and Slim? Did He Take Ozempic?

Ron DeSantis has undergone a noticeable weight loss ahead of the 2024 presidential run. The Florida governor revealed that he’s been deploying a  good regimen and has cut out sugar and carbs from his diet to get fitter and slimmer. Some people believe that Ron DeSantis was inspired to embark on a weight loss journey by former President Donald Trump mocking him for being fat.

A top rumored contender for the 2024 GOP nomination – Ron DeSantis – has changed in appearance and is making headlines about his weight loss and not about his GOP run. DeSantis, who currently serves as the governor of Florida, is a member of the Republican party. He represented Florida’s 6th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018. He is the 46th governor of Florida and has been holding the office since 2019.

The politician is a former military officer and only after he was discharged from the military in 2010, he started his political career. He got elected to Congress first in 2012 when he defeated his Democratic opponent Heather Beaven. He became a founding member of the Freedom Caucus during his tenure. He briefly ran for the U.S. Senate in 2016 but when incumbent senator Marco Rubio sought reelection, he withdrew.

In 2018, Ron DeSantis won the Republican nomination for the gubernatorial election and chose state representative Jeanette Nunez as his running mate. In the general election as well, he defeated the Democratic nominee, Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, by o.4%. In 2022, he was reelected in the Florida gubernatorial election over Charlie Crist in a landslide. The 19.4% margin of victory he had was the state’s largest in 40 years.

Now, he is one of the top contenders for the 2024 GOP nomination but that’s not what people are talking about. What they are talking about is his weight loss. He has gotten incredibly fit lately and looks much slimmer than before. He is looking very great these days and people always want to talk about the physical transformation he has had. Let’s learn more about Ron DeSantis’ weight loss!

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Ron DeSantis’ Weight Loss: The Politician Cut Out Sugar and Carbs From His Diet to Get Slim and Trim; He Did Not Take Ozempic!

Ron DeSantis (@flgovrondesantis) is the latest subject of weight loss discussions in politics now that he has lost a load of weight and looks very fit and much trimmer than last year. Many people are wondering if the new diet drug Ozempic is the secret of his slim appearance. As it turns out, it is not and people no longer need to wonder how he lost weight because he has given all the deets about it.

Ron DeSantis looks much fitter and slimmer after weight loss.

Ron DeSantis looks much fitter and slimmer after weight loss.
Image Source: New York Post

The secret of the Florida Governor’s weight loss is not any drugs but just a good regimen and cutting out carbs and sugar. During an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan, he was asked about how he lost weight and how he is staying fit while leading the Sunshine State. And Ron DeSantis said that it was just him getting back in the swing of things and like a New Year’s Resolution for him.

He shared that he’s been deploying a ‘good regimen’ since the start of the new year and has cut out carbs and sugar from his diet. Ron DeSantis had started to look noticeably slimmer since his inauguration in January. It’s been two months and he is already giving weight loss tips.

I’m on a good regimen and will keep it going. . . .I think sugar is the biggest issue. Because if you do sugar your body burns sugar, if you don’t, it burns fat. So, if you’re working out and just eating halfway decent, that’s good.

Ron DeSantis’ weight loss was an instant success and his diet worked so quickly that caused many to speculate that he is taking Ozempic. He’s a shell of his former shelf, as one Tallahassee insider put it. Only Florida Politics got it right that he had just dropped carbs and had no bread and no desserts. He explained how he pulled off losing weight in such a short amount of time in the interview.

Ron DeSantis cut out sugar and carbs from his diet for weight loss.

Ron DeSantis cut out sugar and carbs from his diet for weight loss.
Image Source: The New York Times

Ron DeSantis also clarified that he never ate chocolate pudding sloppily with three of his fingers, as The Daily Beast reported last week. And he does not eat pudding under his new diet regimen and he can’t if he wanted to maintain his weight loss because it was strictly no sugar for him. He said that he would try pudding if it was sugar-free.

No, it’s sugar, man. You can’t. You can be doing these things. I don’t know. Maybe there’s sugar-free pudding. I got to look into that and try to figure out how we go from there.

It’s just not the pudding rumor. Ron DeSantis was also said to sit in meetings and eat in front of people like ‘a starving animal who has never eaten before, getting s**t everywhere.’ Puck reported that he would be lured into meetings with cupcakes by staffers. It is also believed that former President Donald Trump might have inspired his recent weight loss.

As journalist Maggie Haberman wrote in her book Confidence Man, Trump called Ron De Santis ‘fat’ and ‘whiny’ while taking credit for him getting elected as the governor of Florida in 2018. He reportedly spitballed nicknaming his ‘meatball Ron’ but eventually went with Ron ‘DeSanctimonius’ instead because he found ‘meatball’ too crude. If Ron DeSantis worked for a better physique and was prompted to embark on a weight loss journey because of Trump’s verbal assaults, he hasn’t said it yet.