Sabalenka’s Plastic Surgery: Did the Australian 2023 Winner Have Botox and Lip Fillers? People Think Her Forehead’s too Smooth and Her Lips too Big!


Sabalenka's Plastic Surgery: Did the Australian 2023 Winner Have Botox and Lip Fillers? People Think Her Forehead's too Smooth and Her Lips too Big!

Sabalenka has been suspected of having plastic surgery, especially Botox and lip fillers, after her photo shoot with the trophy. People think that her forehead looks too smooth and her lips look too big and done. They seem to have forgotten that the Australian Open 2023 winner is only 24 and she doesn’t really need to get Botox. Also, her lips might have looked big because she was overlining her lips and not because of lip fillers. Aryna Sabalenka has not acknowledged these plastic surgery speculations.

Aryna Sabalenka is a Belarusian professional tennis player who, currently, has been ranked as high as world No. 2 in singles and world No. 1 in doubles by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). She just won one major singles title, at the 2023 Australian Open. She has also won two major doubles titles, at the 2019 US Open and the 2021 Australian Open, both partnering Elise Mertens. She has won 18 career titles in total, twelve in singles and six in doubles.

She is known for her very aggressive style of play. Because of her style, she often accumulates high numbers of winners and unforced errors. And she also has a very powerful serve because of her height. She has the best form among women in tennis right now.

And I don’t know if you have noticed or not, she seems to have undergone plastic surgery to improve her form, many people think. Well, not really form, just her face. But it’s unbelievable she would choose to have any cosmetic treatment because she already looks like a model. Let’s find out more about Sabalenka’s plastic surgery and whether she really had it!

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Sabalenka’s Plastic Surgery: The Tennis Star is Suspected of Having Botox and Getting Her Lips Done!

Aryna Sabalenka (@sabalenka_aryna) is suspected of having undergone plastic surgery including Botox and lip fillers.

Sabalenka of Belarus just took home her first Grand Slam trophy after winning the 2023 Australian Open as she triumphed over Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan 4-6, 6-3, 6-4 in an epic 2-hour, 28-minute battle that was all about power and strength. Who would have thought that someone who double-faulted to start the match and was broken twice in a first set and lost 4-6 would go on to win the whole thing? Nobody would but Sabalenka stunned everyone with her sweet victory.

And what came next for her? The traditional trophy photo shoot the newly minted champion is supposed to do. The Australian Open 2023 women’s winner took her Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup to the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and posed with it in a lilac look by an acclaimed Australian luxury fashion label Zimmermann. She paired the capped-sleeve blouse and skirt featuring delicate floral appliques with a pair of royal blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. She looked ethereal and at peace. But that look of hers also created a flurry of curiosity about her plastic surgery.

Sabalenka didn’t know it at the time but when she was getting all giggly and giddy after her victory finally sank in while posing with the trophy for the shoot, sometimes a few serious portraits and sometimes her signature playful peace signs and pouts that she would shortly be in the midst of plastic surgery speculations. She would especially be suspected of having Botox and lip fillers.

Nobody cared and the thought that Sabalenka might have had plastic surgery didn’t cross anyone’s mind when she was playing because well, she was playing and was constantly in motion and sweating and all. But after victory, to pose with the trophy, she polished up incredibly. Her hair was done, her makeup was done, and she looked terrific. And that’s when people began to really take in her appearance and noticed the signs of plastic surgery like Botox and lip filler.

Fans began to scrutinize her appearance and they noticed that her forehead looked too smooth and that her lips looked like she had had lip fillers. I mean they looked big and it’s not like people can’t have full lips naturally but hers didn’t look as natural. It looked like the tennis star had something done. To many people, it looked like that. So, after the photo shoot, plastic surgery rumors and speculations about her emerged. She was highly suspected of having Botox and lip fillers.

About the Botox rumors, let’s not forget that Aryna Sabalenka is not even 25. She’s 24 and that is hardly an age where people would go on to have plastic surgery as an anti-aging procedure. So, when fans conclude that she has had Botox because of how smooth her forehead looks, then it can be countered: How else her forehead is supposed to look? Is she supposed to have gotten all wrinkly and get all the lines on her forehead yet early on?

You see, people may just be looking too much into things like not every smooth and line-free forehead is not the result of Botox. It can be natural and is most certainly natural if someone is young. And Sabalenka is young. So, let’s not wait for her to frown or something to see if she can move her forehead or not. Just let the young one who doesn’t need Botox or any other plastic surgery for anti-aging enjoy her victory in peace without marring it with plastic surgery speculations, which, by the way, also include lip filler rumors.

About lip fillers, like I said, nobody noticed anything unusual about Sabalenka’s lips or face as a whole when she was playing. When she smiled after her win, her lips looked fine and nobody thought of lip fillers. But it’s like all hell broke loose when she posed with the trophy because suddenly, people were accusing her of getting lip fillers. As she was all polished and made-up, she looked different.

Sabalenka was wearing lipstick and in that lipstick, her lips just looked different? Her lips looked kind of big and full in a way that they didn’t before. Lip filler speculations were almost guaranteed after that. However, it may necessarily not be lip fillers. She just might have overlined her lips. We know that’s one trick to make our lips look fuller. Either way, she really might not have had plastic surgery.

No Botox and lip fillers for Sabalenka. She has not acknowledged it because she is currently busy basking in the glow of victory right now. But don’t expect her to acknowledge these plastic surgery rumors even after she is done because there’s a high chance that she didn’t actually have Botox and lip fillers and people are just seeing things that just aren’t there.

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