Sara Jane Ho’s Husband: Is The Mind Your Manners Host Married?


Sara Jane Ho's Husband: Is The Mind Your Manners Host Married?

Sara Jane Ho seems to be without a boyfriend or a husband currently. The Mind Your Manners host does not seem to be married or in a relationship judging from her social media pages as she has not posted any pictures of her boyfriend or husband. It is possible that Sara Jane Ho is just maintaining privacy about her love life but it should be noted that she does not wear rings which could mean that she is not married.

Sara Jane Ho is a Chinese educator from Hong Kong. She is also the founder of the Institute Sarita. The finishing school headquartered in Beijing, China in 2013 was recognized as one of the ‘World’s Most Innovative 50 Companies’ by Fast Company magazine in 2014.  She opened a second school in Shanghai in May 2015.

Though she started her career as a mergers & acquisitions analyst at the New York Investment Banks, the course of her life and career changed when she went to and graduated from Institut Villa Pierrefeu, a Swiss finishing school. This decision, in hindsight, seems to be the best one she ever took as it paid off very well.

In 2013, she was included on the Forbes 2013 list of ‘Future Women in the Mix in Asia: 12 to Watch’ and in 2015, she made it to ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ and BBC 100 Women. She is also a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum. And just recently, she got a Netflix show Mind Your Manners which she hosts and in which she helps her clients to be the best versions of themselves by teaching them the etiquette of do’s and don’ts.

Her Netflix show has garnered a huge fan following for her in a short time and fans have begun to take an interest in her offscreen life. Especially her relationship status and whether she has a husband. They are curious to know if she is single or dating. Let’s talk about Sara Jane Ho’s husband or boyfriend or if she has one!

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Sara Jane Ho’s Husband: The Mind Your Manners Host is Not Married!

Since Mind Your Manners was released on Netflix and viewers got to learn etiquette and mind their manners from Sara Jane Ho (@sarajaneho), they seem unable to mind their business because all they have been doing is google for information about her relationship status. They are interested to know if she is single or not. If she’s married then, just who is her husband?

Well, as it turns out, Sara Jane Ho is single as of now. She is not dating anybody, is not engaged to anyone and is definitely not married currently. Well, at least according to her social media which is to mean that she hasn’t posted anything about her love life that indicates if she is dating or if she is engaged or married. Maybe she’s not one to post everything on social media and maintain privacy about her husband or boyfriend. But either way, there are no signs of a romantic partner and you can’t know any other way.

Plus, the Mind Your Manners host has bare fingers which is something the viewers haven’t failed to notice as they were watching the show. There are no rings on her hands to signify engagement or marriage! Could this be the most conclusive proof that she is single right now and has no husband? Or maybe she just takes off her wedding rings sometimes? Maybe not, she is surely single!

So, no boyfriend or fiance or husband for Sara Jane Ho. If some fans were interested in her relationship status for themselves, maybe you have a chance of getting with her! Though how your paths might cross with hers – it’s hard to tell.

Now, she might be single but it’s not because of reasons like she is unattractive and such. In fact, she is a very confident woman who not only teaches Chinese women about etiquette, and men about manners, but she also advises women on how to be an attractive woman. When one of the followers reached her with their trouble in love and asked her how she could be attractive to men, she wrote on Instagram,

An attractive woman knows the importance of constantly improving. It’s usually through trial and error and learning because none of us are perfect. And when she amounts to the best version of herself a quality guy or girl will be right there next to her even more proud.

Sara Jane Ho seems to be happily and well-manneredly single. She seems chill about not having a boyfriend or a husband, in no rush to get married. But still, she gives relationship advice to her fans. She advises her followers what to call their lovers in Chinses language. So far, we have got nicknames such as portable charger, little biscuit, and little cabbage. Looks like she knows what to call her husband when she gets married!

As for her past relationships, Sara Jane Ho once opened up about her love life before and revealed that she got into a relationship and had a boyfriend in 2007 with whom it didn’t work out. Eventually, their relationship ended when he broke it up when she was going through a bad time, when she was dealing with the grief of losing her mother and when she was struggling with her job in investment banking.

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