Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Plastic Surgery: Did the Former Hollyoaks Actress Get Botox?


Sarah Jayne Dunn's Plastic Surgery: Did the Former Hollyoaks Actress Get Botox?

Sarah Jayne Dunn looks more radiant and absolutely stunning these days than she ever did before, which has sparked plastic surgery speculations. The former Hollyoaks actress has not yet confirmed that she had work done. But when she was once asked for her stance regarding plastic surgery, Sarah Jayne Dunn said that she was not against it and she would want it if it was super subtle like Jennifer Lopez’s. While people think Botox is the secret to her flawless skin, she has admitted to having skin treatments.

Sarah Jayne Dunn is an English actress who is mostly known for portraying the role of Mandy Richardson on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks from 1996 until 2021. Besides her most notable role, she has done many small roles on television. She did nine episodes of BBC One’s medical soap opera Doctors, she appeared in a single episode of the BBC Three series Drop Dead Gorgeous and It’s Adam and Shelley, and the BBC One series The Innocence Project.

She has also made appearances in several reality shows. In 2010, she did Ready Steady Cook with Helen Noble. The next year, she appeared in the former reality show Famous and Fearless on Channel 4 and also in a single episode of the BBC One reality series The Real Hustle.

Sarah Jayne Dunn has also done several movies. She played the lead role in the short films Northern Cowboys and Betting in Bars in 2007. She also had a brief role in the 2008 movie The Dark Knight. She portrayed the role of Victoria in Death in 2011.

In November 2021, she was unceremoniously axed from Hollyoaks after she joined the adult subscription service OnlyFans. The production team and ITV cited the promotion of plastic surgery, adult entertainment, and diet pills as the reason for firing her. Sarah does not seem to have suffered much from being thrown out of the show because she is doing better than she ever was on OnlyFans. She looks very radiant and stunning these days which has sparked speculations about cosmetic surgery. Let’s find out more about Sarah Jayne Dunn’s plastic surgery!

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Sarah Jayne Dunn’s Plastic Surgery: The Actress Credits Her Flawless and Smooth Skin to Cosmetic Treatments!

Sarah Jayne Dunn (@sarahjaynedunn) looks hotter than ever and she is doing well on OnlyFans. Her popularity has only increased ever since and even when she was fired from Hollyoaks because she was stunning enough to draw the audience to her OnlyFans account as well as her Instagram account. Such exposure on social media has caused people to wonder if her beauty is all-natural or if she has had plastic surgery. People suspect she has had Botox.

Sarah Jayne Dunn is 41 now. At this age, the actress should be starting to show signs of aging but it does not look like she is ever going to age. She could definitely be mistaken to be two decades younger than her age. That’s how young and fresh the actress looks. Some of her fans have trouble believing that her freshness is all-natural. They suspect that she has had some plastic surgery procedures to enhance her looks. They cannot just be sure about it as they are unable to point it out.

If the former Hollyoaks actress had had plastic surgery, then she must have gone to the best surgeon because it’s super subtle and we can hardly tell if she has had any work done. When she was once asked in an interview ‘where did she stand on cosmetic surgery now that a lot of celebrities are endorsing it,’ she said,

It’s each to their own. There are people out there who have had things done but you can’t tell and they look incredible. Maybe Jennifer Lopex is one of them and if she is, then I want what she’s having! If you want a little tweak here and there, go for it if it makes you feel happy.

So, Sarah Jayne Dunn is not against having plastic surgery and even has confessed to wanting to get it if it’s super subtle work like Jennifer Lopez’s. That was back in 2020. Who’s to say she hasn’t gone to the best surgeon and got some work done in the two years since then? She could have gone under the knife. She has not yet talked about it but that does not mean that she has gotten any work done.

At the very least, Sarah Jayne Dunn has gotten Botox injections. Her face looks flawless and her skin is super smooth. She does not need to have any invasive plastic surgery like a facelift to prevent her face from sagging and getting wrinkly and aging in general at her age. But she may have felt the need to remove the wrinkles from her face with Botox.

While she has not confessed to having Botox, she has shared via an Instagram post that she has had cosmetic treatments which make her skin looks fresh and flawless. Maybe she is natural after all.

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