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Sarah Lancashire's Weight Gain: Did the Happy Valley Star Gain Weight?

Jan 12, 2023 @ 1:49 GMT+0000
Sarah Lancashire's Weight Gain: Did the Happy Valley Star Gain Weight?

Sarah Lancashire has returned on the screen as Sergeant Catherine Cawood for the third and final season of Happy Valley and fans noticed that she looked a little bigger than the last time they saw her. That slightest, insignificant, and negligible weight gain has piqued interest among the fans even though it's barely noticeable. Lots of people think those fans are just imagining things. Sarah Lancashire herself might not have noticed her 'weight gain' and so, don't be expecting acknowledgment about it from her soon.

Sarah Lancashire OBE is one of the greatest actresses to come out of Britain. She is sometimes called the UK's Meryl Streep. Born and raised in Oldham, England, she graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 1986. After graduating, she spared no time and immediately began her career in local theatre. She also taught drama classes at Salford University as she did theatre.

She gained widespread recognition when she went on to work on the screen and then did television programs including Coronation Street, Where the Heart is, Clocking Off, and Seeing Red. She signed a two-year golden handcuffs contract with the ITV network in July 2000, which made her the UK's highest-paid television actress.

One of her most acclaimed works is the police drama Happy Valley in which she plays a no-nonsense police officer fighting crimes in her community while also battling her own personal demons. The third and final series of the drama recently aired and the viewers got to watch the actress grace their television screens as the matriarch Sergeant Catherine Cawood for the last time.

And they observed that she looked a bit bigger than she did in the last season. She might have gone through a little weight gain. Though it seemed insignificant, it sparked curiosity among the fans. They really take the slightest fluctuation in her weight as a matter of interest. Sarah herself might not have noticed that. Here's everything we know about Sarah Lancashire's weight gain!

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Sarah Lancashire's Weight Gain: The Actress Looks a Bit Bigger in the Final Season of Happy Valley!

Sarah Lancashire is back on the television screen for the last time as Sergeant Catherine Cawood in the third and final series of Happy Valley. The viewers rejoiced to see her on their screens after a long time. And because it had been a long time, they noticed that she looked slightly bigger than she did the last season. Even though the difference was negligible, fans are curious about her weight gain.

Sarah Lancashire was never an overweight person. She was never noted for her fitness but she was average in size. She weighed 60 kg. She doesn't look much different now. Only a few can tell that she has gotten a little bigger. The rest might think that people were imagining things because the change in her size is not noticeable. Whatever weight gain it was, it was very insignificant and negligible. So, there's not much to know about it.

It could have been routine weight gain - that slight fluctuation. Sarah Lancashire herself might not have noticed that she had gained a few because it's very few. Also, she's 58 right now. Gaining weight is a cause of concern for women of her age group because as metabolism slows down with age, it becomes harder to burn more calories when more calories turn into fat as muscles shrink with age.

Sarah Lancashire's slightest weight gain might very much be because of her age. Even then, the increase in her weight is not big enough to warrant the kind of interest and curiosity that the fans have displayed. Nobody would be paying attention to that kind of change.

So, if fans were hoping to know more about Sarah Lancashire's weight gain, they can get disappointment instead because there's no information about it. No, the actress herself has not acknowledged her 'weight gain' just because a small fraction of the viewers who watch Happy Valley somehow perceived the smallest change in her size and got curious about that like people's weight routinely doesn't fluctuate.

It's like some people need to get a job so they have more interesting things to do than wonder about Sarah Lancashire's virtually non-existent weight gain. Plus, her acting prowess is supposed to be the most interesting thing about her, not her negligible weight gain. I mean, she has won two British Academy Television Awards out of five nominations. She was also appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2017 Birthday Honours for services to drama.

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