Sasha Obama’s Boyfriend: Who is She Dating in 2021?


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Sasha Obama's Boyfriend: Who is She Dating in 2021?

Sasha Obama’s boyfriend was believed to be Chris Milton, with who she went to prom. Is she dating Matt Metzler in 2021? People wonder about Sasha Obama’s relationship status and boyfriend name.

Sadly, the TikTok that sparked boyfriend rumors has been removed after it was originally posted on a friend’s profile.

Sasha Obama is seen dancing with her buddies to Popp Hunna‘s Adderall, such as the traditional dice roll technique, thanks to a quick-fingered Twitter user.

Many followers praised 19-year-old Sasha Obama on Twitter for enjoying her best life, which included some very beautiful acrylic nails. She has gone viral before for appearing on the platform like she did in October when she sang along to City Girls.

In the TikTok clip, she appears to be with a bunch of pals, but fans are curious if she has a boyfriend.

Sasha Obama’s Boyfriend in 2021: What’s Her Relationship Status?

Because Sasha Obama is a reclusive person with no accessible social media accounts, it’s difficult to tell if she has a lover. However, she has yet to be photographed or verified to be with anyone.

In 2018, she attended prom with Chris Milton, whose relative reportedly shared photos with the remark, “When your lil cousin takes Sasha Obama to prom.”

It’s not clear if he was her lover, but based on his cousin’s surprise, it appears they were simply mates.

While there is no proof of a boyfriend or her dating endeavors, her father Barack Obama indicated in an interview with a radio program that she appears to be permitted to date.

The truth is, I’m pretty relaxed about it for two reasons. One is Michelle—she’s such a great example of how she carries herself, her self-esteem, not depending on boys to validate how you look or not letting yourself be judged by anything other than your character and intelligence. Hopefully, I’ve been a good example in terms of how I show respect to my wife.

He joked,

They have Secret Service. There’s only so much these guys can do.

Previously, she was pictured kissing Matt Metzler.

Sasha Obama’s Sister Malia’s Boyfriend is Rory Farquharson

So, while Sasha Obama may not have a boyfriend, her elder sister does.

Malia’s beau is a British man named Rory Farquharson, whom she apparently met during her freshman year at Harvard and kissed at a football game.

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