Savannah Guthrie’s Plastic Surgery: Has She Gotten Anything Besides Botox?


Savannah Guthrie's Plastic Surgery: Has She Gotten Anything Besides Botox?

Savannah Guthrie is the main co-anchor of NBC news, and people have claimed that she probably got plastic surgery. But Savannah has never mentioned getting any cosmetic enhancements while she had actually gotten cataract surgery. So, did Savannah Guthrie get any plastic surgery besides Botox? Here’s the truth.

The main co-anchor of NBC News and the news broadcaster, Savannah Guthrie is one of the most successful women to exist. Many young women look out to her as their source of inspiration and broadcasting on television has brought immense popularity to Savannah. She has been a part of NBC News since 2012; earlier, in 2007, she worked as a legal analyst.

Holding two citizenships, the 50-year-old anchor, Savannah is originally from Australia, however, her professional field took her to the States. Being an anchor, it is obvious for Savannah Guthrie to make frequent appearances on the television screen, and people have been noticing her for decades.

Moreover, they have claimed that Savannah’s face looks different from what it was in the past, and the audience has somewhat inclined toward Savannah undergoing plastic surgery and incisions. So, did Savannah get any kind of cosmetic surgery?

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Savannah Guthrie’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the Truth?

Earning around $8 million annually, the co-anchor and the television broadcaster, Savannah Guthrie initially started working at ABC affiliate KMIZ, in Columbia, Missouri, and after two years working in this affiliation, Savannah moved to Tucson.

From the beginning of 1995, she took a job at WRC-TV, Washington, D.C. Actually, the 50-year-old television broadcaster, Savannah ditched her educational qualifications for solely dedicating her time to earning but upon being hit by the wave of realization, Savannah continued her education and received a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center.

Getting the highest Arizona Bar score, Savannah Guthrie made it to be one of the members of the bars of the District of Columbia and Arizona. In addition, she was a member of the Order of the Coif and succeeded in winning the International Academy of Trial Lawyers Student Advocacy award for her work with victims of domestic violence.

Being a media personality, people’s eyes are always caught up in Savannah Guthrie, and from their speculation, it has been rumored that Guthrie knocked at the door of plastic surgery to escape herself from aging.

She is 50, and it is natural for the skin to start creating unnecessary folds and the appearance of wrinkles. So, did Savannah Guthrie take the initiative of undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery or incisions?

Looking at her facial features, there are no such massive changes in the structures that could hint toward getting cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is likely for Savannah to have gotten the Botox which fades out the wrinkles around the forehead and the eyes area.

Botox isn’t exactly a surgery but it is definitely a part of the plastic surgery where an injection is injected and it is unlikely for other people to notice getting it. Apart from Botox, Savannah hasn’t got any other types of plastic surgery. Even her lips size looks the same as it was before, so it is discernible that she didn’t get any lip fillers.

It appears that the anchor had gotten the surgery of something else, and people might have mistaken it for plastic or cosmetic surgery.

What Other Surgery Did Savannah Guthrie Get?

There might be no exact answer to Savannah’s controversy on plastic surgery but Guthrie had undergone another surgery. To be specific, Savannah had cataract surgery in 2019 when she was caught up in a random accident.

Actually, her 2-year-old son accidentally hit her with the toy train. This brought failure to her retina and she was compelled to get the surgery. Also, Guthrie shared a black and white photo on her Instagram account captioning every small detail that was linked to her cataract surgery.

Talking about Savannah’s personal life, she is a married woman and has been married twice. Earlier, she was in a conjugal life with Mark Orchard. Mark and Savannah tried their wedding knot in 2005 but their relationship ultimately came to an end in 2009. From her relationship with Mike, she has a child.

After the divorce from Mark Orchard, Savannah explored a lot in her love life and dated many men. However, she eventually found her soulmate and got married to Michael Feldman in 2015.

Today, both Michael and Savannah are happily living together, and they are parents to their children. Apart from taking care of this child, Savannah and Michael are also looking after the child that she had from her past relationship.

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