Scott Mills’ Plastic Surgery: Did The Radio Presenter Have Botox and Fillers to Look Young?


Scott Mills' Plastic Surgery: Did The Radio Presenter Have Botox and Fillers to Look Young?

Scott Mills appears to have undergone plastic surgery to reduce the effects of aging and look young as ever. The radio presenter is suspected by fans of having Botox and fillers and going overboard with them. Scott Mills has, however, yet not made any comments about the plastic surgery speculations he has been facing over the years.

Scott Mills is an English radio DJ, television presenter, and occasional actor who is mostly known for presenting the Scott Mills show on BBC Radio 1 from 2004 to 2022 and since then, on BBC Radio 2. He has also been a UK commentator for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He might be a radio person but people are used to seeing him commentate on the Eurovision Song Contest. And what they have noticed for a few years is that he does not look natural. He’s approaching his 50s but he doesn’t look like he is. It’s difficult to tell his age by looking at him because his face looks distorted as if to disguise his age because of plastic surgery. He had work done but not a good one, which is why people have been trolling him for his terrible cosmetic procedures. Let’s find out about Scott Mills’ plastic surgery!

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Scott Mills’ Plastic Surgery: The Television Presenter Seems to Have Had Botox and Fillers to Look Young!

Scott Mills (@realscottmills) appears to have gone overboard with plastic surgery including Botox and fillers. His face now does not look natural and appears to have distorted and people have been trolling him for getting bad cosmetic work for a few years.

You cannot tell a time in particular but as Scott Mills was gradually aging, he had stopped looking like himself and not because he was aging but because he was trying to stop that from happening. He must be scared of looking old because as he grew older, he started to indulge in plastic surgery as a preventative measure against aging. He had begun to look unnatural over the last five years. Like sometimes his face looked too smooth or sometimes he looked too plump for his age.

However, it was never as clear as it was about three years ago. Scott Mills made an appearance on Good Morning Britain during the Eurovision season. He was there to promote the show ahead of its second semi-final as Eurovision 2019 continued in Tel Aviv. He had taken up his commentator position alongside Rylan Clark-Neal and they were there together. That was when the viewers realized that he had been looking different all these years because of plastic surgery.

As Richard Arnold interviewed the pair, Rylan revealed that he ‘loved’ Norway and that he was ‘terrified’ about introducing the UK for the performance. But all his revelations were overshadowed by Scott Mills’ face. He had too much work done and people couldn’t take their eyes off what his face had become as a result. The discussion about the popular pop contest was overshadowed by the speculations of what plastic surgery Mills had done.

Radio 1 fans were in shock because of how striking Scott Mills looked and not in a good way. In fact, it was hard to tell it was him and he was deemed to be ‘unrecognizable.’ Let alone look like himself, he appeared so shiny and smooth that he didn’t even look human. He looked unnatural and weird. You could tell he had plastic surgery. Comments like ‘Scott Mills boat-race! I don’t recognize him’ and ‘Mills looking a bit weird! What’s going on with that face?’ were a dime a dozen.

The radio presenter looked unbelievably smooth on the forehead. His forehead seemed to be glistening, it looked that shiny. There were no lines and wrinkles as there were supposed to be according to his age. It was not just the lack of wrinkles but it was also the complexion that made him look less human. His forehead looked too waxy and as a result, he resembled a wax statue. Scott Mills had plastic surgery (Botox) and he chose the worst doctor for it.

And the fillers. Why did he ever think it was a good idea to overinflate his face? Or was it just a case of not being delivered what was promised? As Scott Mills had started to age, he had started to look a bit thinner and a bit deflated in the face. Now, he’s overcompensated for it. Maybe he had wanted to just restore the fat in his face but the doctor clearly didn’t know when to stop and overboard with the fillers. He must regret deciding to have plastic surgery.

Because Scott Mills now looks bloated and excessively plump like he had a weight gain. That combined with the shiny smooth forehead he has makes him look like a parody of a human. Well, that’s a bit of an overstatement but you get the idea. That pillowy complexion he got as a result of the overdone fillers did him no favors and it drew comments such as ‘Is Mills slowly turning himself into Liberace through the medium of fillers?’

With plastic surgery, his followers said that he has been successful in turning himself into a real-life cliche – face for radio. Scott Mills, however, so far, has avoided making any comments about all these speculations and trolling.

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