Sean Rigby’s Weight Loss: Did Sergeant Jim Strange From Endeavour Lose Weight Due To Illness?


Sean Rigby's Weight Loss: Did Sergeant Jim Strange From Endeavour Lose Weight Due To Illness?

Sean Rigby’s weight loss is currently the discussion among the fans of Endeavour. Sergeant Jim Strange from the British detective drama shocked everyone with his unrecognizable appearance in Season 8 of the show. Sean Rigby is keeping people talking and discussing his weight loss and diet and workout plans by not talking about how he lost such a significant amount of weight. There are rumours going around that his weight loss is due to an illness he has.

Sean Rigby is an English actor who is most recognized for his portrayal of the role of Police Constable, later Police Sergeant and Detective Sergeant Jim Strange in Endeavour. He has been a cast in Endeavour, a British television detective drama series that is a prequel to Inspector Morse since its inception in 2012 to date. This was his first breakout and mainstream role. His interpretation of Strange ‘brings a vulpine grace’ to the character, a New York Times reviewer said.

He was born on August 15, 1989, in Birmingham, England. He graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2012. He began his acting career in theatre in 2015. He played the security guard Moe in the production of Alistair McDowall‘s Pamora at the National Theatre, Temporary Theatre, and Orange Tree Theatre.

The same year, the actor got the role of Henry in a thirteen-minute short drama of thirteen minutes called Isabella. He starred as the only character in another short film of four minutes titled Crossing Seas.

Sean Rigby then transitioned to the small screen in 2017 when he was cast as William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle in the British historical drama television mini-series Gunpowder.

He is currently filming for Season 9 of Endeavour. With the news going around that Season 9 is going to be the final season of Endeavour, fans are looking back on the drama and are now stuck at Sean Rigby’s weight loss in Season 8. They are wondering how he lost such a significant amount of weight. Read to know the details of the actor’s weight loss!

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Sean Rigby’s Weight Loss: Does The Endeavour Cast Have Any Illness; Fans Want To Know His Diet Plans and Workout Schedules!

Sean Rigby surprised everyone when Season 8 of Endeavour aired on 12 September 2021 with his dramatic weight loss. He has always, since the show began, given a great performance and brought the charisma in a cop role, for which he has been commended by critics and fans alike. But when he came back for the eighth instalment of the drama, people were not thinking about how skilled of an act he is, but rather about his appearance.

Sean Rigby had clearly undergone a substantial weight loss, which took the fans out of the plot of the drama for a moment. All that ran through their minds was ‘what happened to him and how did he lose that much weight’. By how he inadvertently grabbed everyone’s attention with his new look, you possibly couldn’t tell how much the viewers had been excited about Season 8 of the show.

A cab driver had been found dead in his taxi and his death had something to do with him owing a large debt to a colleague. Detective Sergeant or more popularly, known as Inspector Morse, who is played by Shaun Evans, had his latest investigation at hand, which the fans were much looking forward to. And while he and his colleague DI Fred Thursday were at the forefront of conducting that investigation, Detective Sergeant Jim Strange was also helping out with the interviews of suspects.

But in every scene of Jim Strange, fans couldn’t focus on the drama because they couldn’t get over how different Sean Rigby looked. He was unrecognizable after his physical transformation due to weight loss. In fact, many of them even went on the internet to google who this new actor they had cast for the role of Jim Strange was because they legit thought it was a different actor.

After they found that it was the same actor Sean Rigby post-weight loss, they were stunned. And all they could do was wonder things like how did he lose so much weight, what kind of diet plans he had, what kinds of workouts and exercises he did and how many times in a day. However, if they were hoping that they would be getting the answers from Sean Rigby soon enough when he would address the weight loss, then they had to have been disappointed because the actor never commented on it. Not that he is obliged to in any way, but fans couldn’t help but expect some sort of explanation about it.

Though the Endeavour cast himself stayed quiet and gave no details about his weight loss, some of the gullible fans seemed to make do with the rumours generated from unverified sources. And that rumour had it that he had to go through that significant weight loss to get rid of the illness and health issues he had because he was overweight.

Sean Rigby apparently lost 87 pounds and having been greatly satisfied with his weight loss program, he decided to become an active member in health and wellness coaching services. The rumours didn’t mention what kind of diet and meal plans he had to stick to, to lose weight and what kinds of workouts he did. His illness or health issues were also not specified.

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