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Sex/Life is loosely based on the B. B. Easton book 44 Chapter About 4 Men. Netflix released the show on 25 June and it has shot all the way to the top spot in most countries. Now with just eight episodes in the first season, some people have already finished it. So, for those looking for their next binge, we will list 5 Sex/Life similar shows you need to watch right now.

The first season of Sex/Life follows Billie Connelly, a former psychology PhD candidate, who is married to her husband and shares to kids with him. Living an ideal housewife role is not something Billie is happy about and while seeking for some enjoyment she finds her ex. Now, her perfect marriage and her volatile past are on a collision course, all because she wanted to take a trip down memory lane.

Relationship and infidelity have been a running theme in movies and TV shows since the format was invented. So, there are wide array of similar products you can consume but for those looking for similar vibes as the new Netflix drama, here are 5 Sex/Life similar shows you can watch right now.

Showtime’s The Affair – Sex/Life Similar Shows

Before Sex/Life came on the scene, Showtime’s The Affair achieved the critical acclaim status with its marriage and infidelity story. After finishing the new Netflix drama, The Affair is a perfect companion to sink your teeth into. With 4 seasons and 50 plus episodes, it will a little long binge but this is the closest you are going to get in this Sex/Life similar shows list.

Both the protagonists in the two shows are from affluent family, enjoying a steady marriage with good kids to boot. All they are seeking is a distracting something that throws a wrench in their perfect lives. Billie‘s life is almost similar to that of Dominic’s Copper‘s character in the beloved Showtime show.

Behind Her Eyes – A Mind Bending Thriller To Get You All Twisted

Behind Her Eyes shocked thousands of fans when the show appeared on Netflix, earlier this year. Featuring a mind bending story of love, suspense, thriller, and sinister secrets at the centre of it all, this is a scarier version of Sex/Life but still deserves to be on Sex/Life similar shows list. Better check it out yourself because there are some heavy spoilers in the show.

The lot of Behind Her Eyes sees, “A single mother enters a world of twisted mind games when she begins an affair with her psychiatrist boss while secretly befriending his mysterious wife.” Infidelity, ideal life and some thrill seeking is a common running theme in the early part of this list.

The Stranger – A Little Less Scary But All About Consequences

The Stranger is an adaptation of Harlan Coben‘s book and premiered on Netflix last year untangling a spiderweb of mystery that centered around a single family. When a husband is told a secret about his wife, the serene life they created together goes up in smoke as the burden of the secret and buried things hunts the family as well as a Stranger.

This is a little less scary version of Behind Her Eyes but the idea is to punish hidden secrets, lies and a mess of a family life. The Stranger was also a success on Netflix and you can stream all the episodes right now on the streaming platform.

Sweet Magnolias – A Palate Cleanser

“Lifelong friends lift each other up as they juggle relationships, family and careers in the small Southern town of Serenity,” that does not sound like Sex/Life, does it? Well, reason Sweet Magnolias is right here is to help you get rid of all the anxiety that has been building up watching the above mentioned shows.

While love, romance, little betrayal and familial issues are prevalent in Sweet Magnolias it does not compare to the new Netflix drama as the past shows did. This Netflix show is purely on this Sex/Life similar shows list, just to help with deal with all the mystery and thriller.

Virgin River – All Set for a Blockbuster Season 3

Virgin River is one of the biggest slow burning hits of Netflix in the past three years. This one of the few shows that has been greenlit for multiple seasons before the costumery 45 days silence that Netflix partakes in. It is based on a book as almost all series in this list are, and all the themes we have mentioned before are prevalent here.

From Jack and Mel‘s romance to Charmaine‘s interference and unraveling of various lives due to unforeseen circumstances is the crux of all Sex/Life similar shows here. So, sit back and enjoy your next Netflix binge.

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