Sigrid Thornton Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Work Has She Had?


Sigrid Thornton is believed to have had plastic surgery to look young.

Sigrid Thornton is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery to retain her younger looks because of how unsubtle it is and how unnatural she looks. Fans think the actress has gone overboard with Botox and fillers. She also allegedly had a nose job. Sigrid Thornton has never admitted to having plastic surgery despite the curiosity of her fans.

Sigrid Thornton is easily one of the best actresses in Australia. She has done both television and movies and excelled at both big screen and small screen. Some of her popular television work includes Prisoner, All the Rivers Run, SeaChange, and Wentworth. She has also appeared in the American Western series Paradise. As for her films, her movie credit comprises her appearances in Snapshot, The Man from Snowy River, Street Hero, and Face to Face. In 2015, she was honored with the AACTA Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television Drama for the miniseries Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door.

She has had a long and illustrious career. Most people probably think that she has been around for as long as they can remember when looking at her but she hasn’t aged much as she was supposed to because she looks timeless. Timeless but unnatural so they can’t help wondering what plastic surgery she has gotten to avoid aging because Sigrid has so obviously had work done on her face. Let’s discuss Sigrid Thornton’s plastic surgery!

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Sigrid Thornton’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Think She Got Cosmetic Procedures to Look Young!

Sigrid Thornton's fans believe that she has had plastic surgery to remove the signs of aging. houseandwhips.comSigrid Thornton’s fans believe that she has had plastic surgery to remove the signs of aging.
Image Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 

Sigrid Thornton (@sigrid_thornton_official), by the looks of it, has had several plastic surgery procedures including Botox, fillers, and a nose job. Her fans believe that she opted to have those procedures in order to avoid looking old and to maintain her looks from when she was young because of course, they do because why else would she get cosmetic procedures at this age (she’s in her sixties currently)?

Many people might not be able to tell that Thornton is in her sixties by looking at her because she does not look like a regular 64-year-old woman. Sigrid Thornton’s face does not reflect her age. It does not tell the story of the life she’s lived because there are no wrinkles and lines etched on her face. Her cheeks have not even begun to sag down like they were supposed to.  It seems as though aging has spared her. But such a thing is just not possible, at least not without plastic surgery.

Also, the actress may have been able to avoid looking her age with the help of cosmetic procedures. She managed to get rid of looking old with artificial means. Let’s say aging spared her but plastic surgery didn’t. Having surgical procedures comes with consequences and it has. Now, Sigrid Thornton may not look as old as her age but she does not look young either. She does not even look like a human anymore with all the work she has had. She looks very harsh, stiff, and unnatural.

Exactly what plastic surgery she has had to look that way, her fans wonder. But we can tell it’s not the procedure she had had but how many times she had it that played a role in her looking so weird and unlike a human. So, what cosmetic procedure did she go overboard with?

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Has Sigrid Thornton Had?

Sigrid Thornton allegedly had Botox, fillers, and a nose job. houseandwhips.comSigrid Thornton allegedly had Botox, fillers, and a nose job.
Image Source: The Courier Mail

It does not take a genius to figure out what plastic surgery Sigrid Thornton has had because her cosmetic work is not the best, to say the least. It’s a mark of great cosmetic surgery if it is subtle that people can’t really tell that there’s been some change and thus, can’t explain the new-found radiance that wasn’t there before. That mark is missing in Thornton’s work which is so obvious and in-your-face.

It’s probably because she didn’t know when to stop and ended up going overboard with the plastic surgery procedures. Sigrid Thornton’s overly smooth forehead and face scream that she has had an overdose of Botox because like, her face looks slippery and weird. Also, look at how creepily flawless and perfect her skin texture and tone is, and what’s up with that unnatural pillowy complexion of hers? Why didn’t she just stop after going overboard with Botox? Why did she have to get fillers because now, she just looks like a porcelain doll, and not in a good way.

She is also believed to have a nose job but looking at her, you probably wouldn’t look at her nose. It’s her skin tone and complexion that will take your breath away but if you were to compare her before and after pictures, her nose does appear a bit refined and slimmer than before but it may not necessarily be due to plastic surgery, it could be due to makeup and contouring.

But we don’t and can’t know that until Sigrid Thornton herself confirms it. And so far, she has not even acknowledged the plastic surgery speculations. Far be it to admit to it.