Simon Callow’s Weight Loss: How Did The Actor Lose Weight? Is He Ill?


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Simon Callow's Weight Loss: How Did The Actor Lose Weight? Is He Ill?

Simon Callow underwent a weight loss of 2¼ st about two years ago and even though the transformation was nothing drastic, people still remembered and noted it because it was noticeable. The actor had always been conscious about fitness ever since he was young. So, when he noticed that he had become a little spherical after a holiday, Simon Callow decided to change his diet and he also got serious about working out, which eventually led to his weight loss. 

Simon Callow is one of the most talented and prolific actors to come out of the UK. His accolades speak for it more than anyone can. He has won an Olivier Award and Screen Actors Guild Award as well. He has also been nominated for two BAFTA Awards. And to think he began as a character actor on stage and screen as well. He has contributed to his field and for his services to acting, he was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 1999.

That was a long time ago and he has still not slowed down. Not that he needs to. He is in very great shape for his age. And he looks fitter and trimmer than ever because as it turns out, he underwent a weight loss. It was about two years ago but people remembered and noted that because his transformation, while nothing drastic and dramatic, was noticeable. Let’s talk about Simon Callow’s weight loss!

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Simon Callow’s Weight Loss: Change in Diet and Getting Serious about Working Out was All It Took!

Simon Callow is looking a lot trim and slim these days. So, if you were wondering if he recently underwent weight loss, then you are right because he did. He lost 2¼ st about two years ago and he has maintained that since then. Not that he was ever too overweight but even a little bit of change can show sometimes even if it’s a relatively thin person.

Simon Callow had a weight loss of 2¼ st about two years ago.

Simon Callow had a weight loss of 2¼ st about two years ago.
Image Source: BBC

So, Simon Callow had a weight loss and how did he do it? Well, never mind his age because he still works out and he is also extremely conscious about fitness. So, if not him, who else? A few months ago, when he was asked some health-related question in an interview, when he was asked if he, in particular, could run up the stairs, he said that he could never stand still on an escalator, and he also shared that he had a trainer three times a week on the iPad for the hour-long session for mostly cardiovascular stuff. That could be the secret of his weight loss.

Or maybe it could be his diet or a combination of both. Simon Callow also revealed in the same interview that he specifically began a new diet for weight loss. When he was asked if he had ever done dieting, he replied that he had to because he had a horrific tendency to expand. He then went on to recount the story of about two years ago when he had just been back from a holiday in Greece and as his husband Sebastian showed him his photographs, he realized on seeing those that he had become completely spherical.

Simon Callow did not like that he had become that way. So, in order to be fitter and lose weight and be less spherical, he made some changes to his diet immediately. He also took working out more seriously and worked out extra harder with the goal of weight loss in mind. As a result, he lost 2¼ st and he had to buy a new wardrobe because the change was substantial. He now weighs 12½ st, which is not a lot for someone who is 5 ft 7½ inches.

Though it was visible that Simon Callow had lost a bit of weight in recent years, he had never gained too much, to begin with. Maybe he had gained too much for him given how fit and trim he always used to be when he was younger but that was it. In no way was his weight loss dramatic, it was just noticeable. He always tried to ensure that he stayed fit in his earlier days and he did the same now.

Simon Callow was conscious about staying fit from his younger days.

Simon Callow was conscious about staying fit from his younger days.
Image Source: The Guardian 

In his younger days (this would be more than two decades ago, sometime in 2002), he once realized that he never seriously did any exercise. Simon Callow realized that all he did in the name of physical activity was walking and dancing. So, he decided to get a personal trainer to help him keep in touch with his body and physicality. And because he didn’t care for gymnasiums, which he called macho stuff, he got a boxer for a trainer.

My trainer is Rod Hunt who works at Claridge’s. He is a boxer, so he is all about speed and reflexes and doesn’t aim to build you up. That would be the last thing I need. I have a huge chest – 44in – which is a lot for a little chap of 5ft 8in. I see Rod three times a week and I do an hour and a half of a sort of Ayengar yoga once a week at home.

For someone who made an effort to stay fit when he was young, Simon Callow certainly wouldn’t give up just because of his age. And once he noticed that he had gotten spherical, he felt the need to ‘bounce back’ from that and work for weight loss.