St. Jude Lady Plastic Surgery: Marlo Thomas’ Face Then and Now!


St. Jude lady (Marlo Thomas) has destroyed her face with plastic surgery.

St. Jude lady, who is really Marlo Thomas, has ruined her appearance with plastic surgery. She seems to have had every single cosmetic procedure, Botox, fillers, a facelift, a nose job, and a brow lift, probably to fight aging. But it didn’t work and now, she is the St. Jude lady because nobody recognizes her as Marlo Thomas, the actress, because of her botched plastic surgery.

Besides being recognized for her role in That Girl, Marlo Thomas is also known as the National Outreach Director for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which was founded in 1962 by her father Danny Thomas. She recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the hospital and the fact that they passed the fundraising milestone of $1 billion that can support more free medical care for children with cancer.

Now that Marlo Thomas has mostly given up on acting and is primarily involved with the hospital, for many youngsters today, she is St. Jude lady more than she is an actress. She has said that St. Jude is part of the tapestry of her life and by now, I think everyone knows it. Also, she is known as the St. Jude lady because nobody can recognize her as the girl from That Girl or anything she’s ever been in. Plastic surgery has destroyed her looks. The before and after pictures are just devastating to see because why would anyone ever do that to their face? Let’s talk about it!

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St. Jude Lady’s Plastic Surgery: Marlo Thomas’ Face is Unrecognizable!

St. Jude lady, who is really Marlo Thomas (@marlothomas) if you hadn’t recognized her by the way, has obviously had tons of plastic surgery that I bet she regrets, or does she? If she has taken a look at her before and after pictures, she does. I doubt there’s any cosmetic procedure she has not tried. She seems to have had Botox, fillers, a nose job, a facelift, and a brow lift. Basically, everything there is.

St. Jude lady (Marlo Thomas) has ruined her face with plastic surgery. houseandwhips.comSt. Jude lady (Marlo Thomas) has ruined her face with plastic surgery.
Image Source: Variety

It’s sad what Marlo did to her face is an understatement because it’s devastating to see how she has ruined her looks with cosmetic procedures. You simply would not be able to get over her looks if you were to see her because that’s a lot to take in. You would have a hard time figuring out why anyone would choose to do that to their own face because why would anyone want to look like a mannequin? Why did she get so much plastic surgery?

That’s a rhetorical question because, of course, we know why Marlo Thomas went under the knife like, a gazillion times. There are few women in Hollywood who can let aging take its natural course. It’s a fickle industry where your worth is mostly your looks and appearance and actresses are afraid of being phased out. So, can you even blame the St. Jude lady for her decision to get plastic surgery?

You can only criticize her for not doing her homework well because if she had done good research, she would not have turned out this disastrous. I mean, in an attempt to not look old, she ended up not looking like herself. H*ll, she does not even look like a human. She looks so rubbery that you would be shocked to see her talk and breathe and move and find out that she’s not a mannequin. Botched plastic surgery really became the death of her human-ness (in terms of her appearance).

St. Jude lady looks as though she has tried every cosmetic procedure that has been invented. Marlo Thomas has had Botox, fillers, a nose job, a facelift, and a brow lift. Botox and fillers, she has had tons. You can tell, right, by how it looks like her face is melting. Sometimes, in bright lighting, when she looks so pale, she resembles a candle. All wax and nothing else. With Botox and fillers, she smoothed out her face and avoided wrinkles but at what cost? Looking like an alien? Plastic surgery is not the solution. It’s too late for her to realize that now.

St. Jude Lady Has Never Admitted to Plastic Surgery But We Can Tell!

St. Jude lady has never admitted to having cosmetic procedures.
houseandwhips.comSt. Jude lady has never admitted to having cosmetic procedures.
Image Source: New York Post

Cosmetic surgery is not the solution but even though sometimes, it seems like a miracle how a cosmetic treatment is holding onto Marlo Thomas‘ melting face. There’s that tightness in her face that can only be a facelift. It looks so pulled back and stretched that it’s so unsettling to look at her. If you were to cross her path alone during nighttime, you would certainly be freaked out. Look just what plastic surgery did to her face!

Did the St. Jude lady really need all that work? Did she really need all that Botox and fillers? She could have done with little and she would have been fine but it’s like she decided to spend every penny she’s earned on just that. Did she really need that nose job? She looked fine before. If it’s really about how people perceive her, it’s unfortunate for her because lots of fans have said that they would prefer wrinkles over how she looks. D*mn, that plastic surgery.

I know that Marlo Thomas must have fallen victim to the pressure to look young but the industry is toxic and doesn’t care for anyone so, she should have done it for herself. She should have known when to stop because now, plastic surgery has taken over. She may not have admitted to it but we can tell.