Stephanie Ramos Plastic Surgery: Why Does Her Face Look Trendy?


Stephanie Ramos is suspected of having plastic surgery including Botox and fillers.

Stephanie Ramos is alleged to have undergone plastic surgery to make changes to her facial features to match them with the current trend. The journalist is suspected of having Botox and fillers. Stephanie Ramos has never responded to plastic surgery speculations about herself. She has neither confirmed nor denied them.

Stephanie Ramos has very rightfully and deservingly been described as a terrific and versatile reporter for her coverage of the contentious Alabama Senate race, the tragic Parkland shooting, Hurricane Irma, and the Charlottesville protests. Though she has been serving as a news correspondent for ABC News for quite a while, you might have come to know about her when she took over the hosting role on GMA3 in December 2022.

After graduating from Iona College with a Master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies, she started her career in journalism as an assignment editor at WIS-TV. She also worked as a reporter at WIBW-TV and KMBC-TV before she joined ABC News. She gained a lot of appreciation for her coverage of immigrant children caught crossing into the U.S. from Mexico.

Besides journalism, she has also served in the military. In 2008, she served as a 1st Lieutenant in Iraq. She was honored with multiple medals for her exceptional service including the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and Iraq Campaign Medal.

Currently, she has become the topic of discussion regarding plastic surgery. For a journalist who is also a former military person, these kinds of speculations look out of place but she has had a very drastic transformation for people to not speculate that she has had cosmetic work done. Let’s discuss Stephanie Ramos’ plastic surgery!

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Stephanie Ramos’ Plastic Surgery: Viewers Think She Has Altered Her Facial Features!

Stephanie Ramos (@thestephanieramos) is believed to have undergone plastic surgery to alter her facial features and match them to the trendy aesthetics of today. She allegedly had Botox and fillers.

Stephanie Ramos appears to have had plastic surgery to match her features with the current trend. houseandwhips.comStephanie Ramos appears to have had plastic surgery to match her features with the current trend.
Image Source: Women’s Health

It goes without saying that the ABC News correspondent is very beautiful. She has very soft facial features and she looks quite angelic. Well, she used to have soft features. Now, she has changed a lot. If you were to compare her older pictures to more recent ones, you would not be able to tell that they were the same person because she now looks completely unrecognizable. It doesn’t take much to figure out that people have been making plastic surgery speculations about her.

Stephanie Ramos has had a dramatic physical transformation. The soft features people once adored so much are now gone and have been replaced by very harsh features. While she used to look quite rounded before, it’s like she’s all about edge now because her face looks so angular. She’s got what we call now the Instagram face. Basically, she looks like the extremely yassified version of herself. You can’t go from soft and round to edges and angles without plastic surgery.

No wonder everyone thinks she has had cosmetic procedures. She now looks like every other influencer because she has taken up their aesthetic. She has a way too smooth forehead now (not that she had wrinkles before, she looks very young and she hadn’t developed many lines on her face but now, she looks very unnaturally smooth these days) and her cheeks look fuller in a way that they never looked before. They look unnaturally plump. She had to have plastic surgery, right?

What Plastic Surgery Did Stephanie Ramos Have?

Stephanie Ramos is believed to have had Botox and fillers. houseandwhips.comStephanie Ramos is believed to have had Botox and fillers.
Image Source: Us Weekly

Because how else would Stephanie Ramos develop those trendy features popular on Instagram all of a sudden? It’s not like she grew into those features and the dramatic change she had was just her glow-up after hitting puberty. Also, nobody looks that old overnight. While she used to look very young when she had soft features, now she looks as though she’s aged a decade. That kind of sudden aging only happens due to plastic surgery.

She must have had Botox. Her smooth forehead and weird and unnatural, pillowy complexion is the tell-tale sign that she got the anti-wrinkle injection. Also, her unevenly full cheeks must be because she had fillers. And did she have lip fillers too? Her lips look full but they are not really swollen. These cosmetic procedures may not qualify as plastic surgery but they have messed too much of her face to not count as it.

Stephanie Ramos, however, has not responded to these plastic surgery speculations. She has neither confirmed nor denied it. And until she does, she may have changed but we can’t say for certain that it’s because she went under the knife or needles for that matter.