Steve Pemberton’s Plastic Surgery: What’s Up With His Face?


Steve Pemberton's fans think he has had plastic surgery on his face.

Steve Pemberton sparked plastic surgery speculations after the airing of the finale of Inside No. 9 because his face looked very weird in that episode. The actor had a very weird complexion and his skin texture looked too waxy for it to be natural. This led people to believe that Steve Pemberton has had plastic surgery including Botox and fillers.

Steve Pemberton is truly one of the most talented and versatile artists to come from the British acting industry. He is mostly recognized as a member of The League of Gentlemen along with Reece Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss, and Jeremy Dyson. He had a terrific comedic timing in that one and people really fell in love with him for his sense of humor. He along with Shearsmith went on to co-write and star in the black comedy Psychoville and the anthology series Inside No.9.

He is also noted for his work in Doctor Who, Benidorm, Blackpool, Shameless, Whitechapel, Happy Valley, and Mapp and Lucia. He does more than comedy and he excels at everything he does, be it comedy, acting, directing, or writing. He is known and appreciated for being versatile. There’s a lot to unpack there and whenever he comes up, people always talk about that. Nobody ever thought that he would ever be the subject of discussion over his looks but that’s what’s happening right now.

Steve Pemberton is 55 now. He is getting old but it’s not showing on his face and it looks like he’s not aging because he’s doing everything in his power to not look his age. He definitely had plastic surgery in hopes of retaining his looks from when he was young but it seems to have backfired on him because he now just looks plain weird. He does not look old but he does not look young either. Here’s everything to know about Steve Pemberton’s plastic surgery!

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Has Steve Pemberton Had Plastic Surgery on His Face?

Steve Pemberton's face looked very unnatural in Inside No.9 which sparked plastic surgery speculations. Steve Pemberton’s face looked very unnatural in Inside No.9 which sparked plastic surgery speculations about him.
Image Source: The Times

Steve Pemberton looks as though he has had plastic surgery on his face which didn’t go the way he had hoped because he looks very strange now. People think he has gotten Botox and fillers.

So, Inside No.9, one of the most loved shows that Steve Pemberton created, wrote, and starred in, just ended. And you know how it ended? Well, it’s an anthology series so, you can’t know. In the finale which was titled The Last Weekend for the eighth series of the show, Steve and Reece Shearsmith played a same-sex couple. They depicted the relationship between Joe and Chas beautifully and they were applauded for their performance.

The episode was critically acclaimed and received a lot of appreciation from audiences but all of it was overshadowed by Steve Pemberton himself and all because of the way he looked. Fans weren’t able to fully get into the performance and the story writing because they got too preoccupied with Steve’s appearance for that. The actor looked very strange and unnatural which sparked plastic surgery speculations about him.

Steve Pemberton never seemed the kind of actor who cared much about his looks and appearance. He was always noted for his talent and not for the way he looked and he always seemed focused on honing his skills. Either we were wrong in thinking that his looks were secondary to him or that seemed to have changed with time as he started to age because now, he got plastic surgery.

Steve Pemberton Has Not Admitted to Having Plastic Surgery!

Steve Pemberton has not admitted to having plastic surgery. Steve Pemberton has not admitted to having plastic surgery.
Image Source: Digital Spy

We cannot tell for sure that Steve Pemberton has gotten plastic surgery because he has never confirmed that he has had cosmetic procedures. But what other thing could explain the way he looked in the finale of Inside No. 9. He looked so strange and unnatural in that people forgot to keep track of the storyline because their minds got occupied thinking ‘What happened to his face? Did he do something to it?’

By the looks of it, it might be possible that Steve didn’t like where aging was taking him, didn’t like how it was changing his face, and so to avoid that, he got plastic surgery. But unfortunately for him, it did not end well. He may have escaped aging and looking old but he had to give up looking like a human for that. If he had just wanted to avoid looking old, he succeeded at it but if he had hoped to look young with the aid of cosmetic procedures, he was left with disappointment.

Because that’s what Steve Pemberton looks like. Neither old nor young. He has very minimal wrinkles and lines which is probably because he got Botox but he does not look youthful. Plus, his skin complexion and skin texture just feel wrong. He looks very waxy which must be because of fillers. Whatever the reason, his face looks very unsettling. If it’s due to plastic surgery as many have speculated, he must be regretting it right now.