Summer Walker’s Plastic Surgery: The Singer Before and After Cosmetic Surgery!


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Summer Walker's Plastic Surgery: The Singer Before and After Cosmetic Surgery!

Summer Walker’s plastic surgery has become a new topic of discussion among her fans. Fans believe that she has had a nose job, breast implants, and butt injection after looking at the before and after pictures. Summer Walker has admitted to butt injections but hasn’t confirmed other plastic surgery.

Summer Walker shook the world of R&B music in 2018 when she entered the music industry with a bang after she released the mixtape Last Day of Summer. The singer continued her momentum and released her debut studio album Over It next year. Not only was it critically acclaimed, but it also debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart and broke the record for the biggest streaming debut week ever for a female R&B artist.

She topped the Billboard 200 chart with her sophomore album Still Over It in 2021. It also broke the record for most album streams in a single day by a female artist on Apple Music.

Ever since Summer Walker took over the R&B scene with her debut mixtape, she has been on a roll. Time has changed just so dramatically for her. Going from being someone who posts cover songs on Youtube to being a widely renowned and celebrated artist, it’s insane to think and look back on. But it’s not just the time that has changed for her, her face also has been through noticeable changes. Summer Walker before success was also Summer Walker before plastic surgery, as you may obviously have observed.

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Summer Walker Before Plastic Surgery: Check Out How The Singer Looks Before and After Cosmetic Surgery!

Summer Walker (@summerwalker) is believed to have had plastic surgery including a nose job, breast implants, and butt injections, the latter of which she has admitted.

The Playing Games hitmaker definitely hasn’t shied away from having plastic surgery to alter her features. Fans could always tell and if they couldn’t, they just had to see for themselves how she has herself admitted it. It was more like she volunteered the information herself when the discussion of cosmetic surgery came up and was not in response to the speculations about whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not.

It’s great that Summer Walker didn’t make a big deal about having work done and shared that she has gone under the knife with no hesitancy (which kind of reduces the stigma around having work done). The only question now for those who don’t know is what type of cosmetic surgery she has had.  Summer Walker before plastic surgery, what did she look like?

The answer is: Very pretty but different pretty than the way she looks now. Summer Walker before plastic surgery had a wider nose, smaller breasts, and butt. She wasn’t as curvy as she is now. From the changes in her face and body before and after cosmetic alterations, we can tell that she has had a nose job, breast implants, and butt injections.

Though the singer hasn’t confirmed or denied the nose job rumors, it’s kind of obvious because she looks very different in before and after pictures all because of her nose. Her nose bridge is much sharper than before and her nose tip looks more refined too. Her nose structure has definitely noticeably altered which people haven’t failed to notice.

And even though the Girls Need Love singer hasn’t confirmed her nose job, her plastic surgeon reportedly outed her by posting a picture of her in a now-deleted post on their social media and announcing that they are the ones responsible for her new nose.

And breast implants she most likely had because it appears like that. Summer Walker definitely had smaller breasts before plastic surgery. Her breasts look bigger in before and after pictures. She admitted that she needed the ti**ies in an interview. So, looks like she got it.

In a 2019 interview with Ari Lennox, when plastic surgery came up, Summer admitted that she was into it,

I’m into that shit. I need the a**, I need the ti**ies. You know I didn’t want to do too much. I had a back that ran into my a**…so it was just a long back. 

She also confirmed then that she had got work done on her butt. She was looking more curvaceous than ever. Two years later, in 2021, she posted a throwback picture which was before plastic surgery on her butt. The picture where she was flexing her biceps with a friend where her hips looked flat, she captioned,

I dead can’t believe I was this skinny lmao. Thank god for a** shots.

So, now we can tell Summer Walker before plastic surgery looked different and was much skinnier than now. She has not admitted to a nose job, but she has admitted that she needed the a** and ti**ies and confirmed that she has had butt injections.

Looking at the before and after, she appears to have had a nose job, breast implants, and butt injection.

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