SZA’s Weight Gain: Is The Singer Pregnant? Or Did She Get a BBL?


SZA's Weight Gain: Is The Singer Pregnant? Or Did She Get a BBL?

SZA’s weight gain was revealed to her fans during her appearance as a musical guest on SNL. The rumors of her being pregnant followed soon after some fans claimed that she was spotted with a baby bump. Fans thought that this was the reason why she gained weight. Previously, many people also thought SZA had a weight gain because she got a BBL. But both seem false because the rumors of pregnancy were from unverified sources and BBL makes you bigger not just on the butt, but the whole body. 

SZA is an American R&B singer who rose to fame in 2017 when her debut studio album Ctrl was released to universal acclaim from music critics. It charted at number three on the US Billboard 200 and it earned her four nominations, including Best New Artist. The album was certified triple platinum by the RIAA and was placed on Rolling Stone‘s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time List.

Before she catapulted to fame, she had released three extended plays, one of which was a retail release. She dropped Z in 2014 after signing with the hip-hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment. The same year, she also co-wrote Feeling Myself with Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. She was also featured in Rihanna‘s song Consideration in 2016.

Since then, she has done a lot of collaborations. She was featured on Maroon 5‘s What Lovers Do, she collaborated with Kendrick Lamar to create All the Stars for the Black Panther soundtrack, and she was a part of Doja Cat‘s Kiss Me More. and she also was featured on Summer Walker‘s No Love. All the Stars got her nominations for the Golden Globe Award and Academy Award for Best Original Song, and Kiss Me More earned her the Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

She recently made an appearance on SNL as the musical guest which has sparked weight gain speculations about her. There are even rumors going on that she is pregnant. While others think that weight gain is just the result of BBL. Read to find out answers to questions like ‘Did SZA gain weight? Is she pregnant? Or Did she get a BBL?’

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Did SZA Gain Weight? She is Not Pregnant and BBL Doesn’t Make Your Whole Body Bigger!

So, after SZA‘s (@sza) recent appearance on SNL, there have been a lot of speculations about her weight gain which makes sense because she did look a little bigger than before. But she has not yet spoken anything about it. So, fans don’t know how she got bigger. The lack of knowledge about this particular matter has invited many rumors to just go around.

One of the rumors is that SZA is pregnant. There have been several reports on unverified pages of fans having spotted her with a baby bump recently as of December 4. Since then, speculation that she is expecting a child has become rampant and fans think that is the explanation for the weight gain they saw on SNL. Some of them even wondered why she did not reveal her pregnancy when Keke Palmer did.

Coming to the conclusion that someone is pregnant just because of a little weight gain seems stupid, even with the rumors that she is pregnant. Such rumors of her pregnancy are always going around with some intervals in between and they most likely have been respread for her fans to feed into it after a little increase in her size.

Some fans understand and have refrained themselves from jumping to the conclusion that SZA’s pregnant and they chalk SZA’s weight gain to her getting a BBL, which is also a stupid assumption because she is bigger in the whole body, not just her butt. BBL doesn’t add to people’s stomachs, thighs, calves, necks, and faces, and she is bigger in all that areas. So, not likely.

Fans don’t have to know the reason behind the singer’s weight gain or concoct one if they don’t know it. Some people have been just celebrating her new body and showering her with compliments calling her ‘Thick SZA.’

Besides that, SZA always was a big girl. Before she hit international fame, she was 200 pounds and hiding them in baggy clothes. As she became popular, she worked hard to lose all that weight. She followed a diet plan in which she avoided eating red meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar. She also did a lot of workouts and exercises which worked and helped her have a significant weight loss.

SZA might be slowly gaining the weight she lost back, maybe because she failed to keep up with the diet plan or maybe she stopped working out. This could explain the weight gain. She doesn’t look as bigger as when she was 200 pounds but she has definitely bulked up.

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