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On March 16, 2023 By Harvey

Margot Robbie’s Weight Gain: The 32-Year-Old Actress Looked Hevay at the 2023 Oscars; Diet and Exercise Routine Examined!

Many people wonder what actually happened to Margot Robbie as she has recently undergone a significant weight gain transformation, as...
On March 12, 2023 By Urban

Natalie Grant’s Weight Gain: How Did The Singer Gain Weight?

Natalie Grant has many fans who want to know her weight gain story. They want to find out how she...
On March 11, 2023 By Rachel

Ariana Madix’s Weight Gain: Does The Vanderpump Rules Star Look Different Because She Gained Weight?

Ariana Madix has undergone a weight gain of about 20 pounds since she joined the cast of the Bravo reality...
On February 28, 2023 By Urban

Emma Thompson’s Weight Gain: How Did The Actress Look So Intimidating as Miss Trunchbull in Matilda The Musical?

Emma Thompson sparked weight gain rumors after the release of Matilda the Musical, in which she played the bulky-looking and...
On February 27, 2023 By Rachel

Pete Doherty’s Weight Gain: Did The Drug Addiction Affect The Libertines Frontman’s Weight?

Pete Doherty’s weight often fluctuated with the change in his lifestyle and he often had weight gain when he made...
On February 26, 2023 By Urban

Madelyn Cline’s Weight Gain: How Did The Eating Disorder Affect The Outer Banks Actress?

Madelyn Cline sparked curiosity about her weight gain when fans noticed that she looked noticeably slimmer in the third season...
On February 21, 2023 By Harvey

Lucinda Strafford’s Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight on Love Island? Or After The Show Ended?

Lucinda Strafford is one of the very few contestants who did not have a weight gain after Love Island ended....
On February 21, 2023 By Derick Scholz

IVE: Liz’s Weight Gain; Did She Gain Weight; How Much Does She Weigh Now? The Singer Before and After!

IVE’s Liz has created headlines because of her weight gain again. In a recent photo taken of her in a...
On February 13, 2023 By Harvey

Hunter Hayes’ Weight Gain: Everything You Need to Know!

Hunter Hayes, the American singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has been in the limelight since he was just two, and...
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