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On September 26, 2023 By Rachel

Emilie Ullerup Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant? Did She Have a Baby?

Every time Emilie Ullerup makes media appearances or every time her movie releases, the discussion about her weight gain takes...
On September 25, 2023 By Urban

Fleur East Weight Gain: She Looks Changed Than Before!

Many people believe Fleur East has undergone weight gain compared to her appearance in X Factor. She looks very fit...
On September 22, 2023 By Rachel

Terese Neighbours Weight Gain: Rebekah Elmaloglou's Weight Fluctuations!

The Terese Willis actress from Neighbours underwent a drastic weight gain after she joined the show and she has never...
On September 21, 2023 By Rachel

Jade Thirlwall’s Weight Gain: Is She Pregnant?

Jade Thirlwall's recent weight gain has been making headlines as she has put on some extra pounds but the rumor...
On September 21, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Asa Butterfield Weight Gain: He Isn't As Skinny As Before!

Asa Butterfield's fans have observed that he has had a weight gain since the last season of Sex Education. The...
On September 20, 2023 By Sharon

Bebe Rexha Weight Gain DM: Details of Her Text Breakup!

Bebe Rexha posted a screenshot of a DM she got from her boyfriend seemingly to expose him for a fat-shamer...
On September 17, 2023 By Urban

Sky Katz Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight? Is She Pregnant?

Sky Katz has been revealed to have undergone a slight weight gain after the second season of Surviving Summer premiered...
On September 14, 2023 By Harvey

Katy Perry Weight Gain: Did She Gain Weight?

Katy Perry's weight gain speculations have taken over the internet to everyone's surprise because she has not put on weight...
On September 11, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Gemma Ward Weight Gain: What Is the Reason?

Gemma Ward has undergone a visible weight gain transformation in recent months. While she has not made any remarks, we...
On September 11, 2023 By Sharon

Marion Bartoli’s Weight Gain: She Looks Much Healthier Than Before!

  Marion Bartoli's fans were relieved to see that she had a bit of a healthy weight gain in 2017...
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