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On May 6, 2023 By Rachel

Sarah Millican's Weight Gain: Fans Wonder 'Is She Pregnant?'

Sarah Millican was revealed to have undergone weight gain in her latest public appearance at The Chase. Fans begin to...
On May 3, 2023 By Harvey

Jake Collier's Weight Gain: What Does Reddit Say About It?

Jake Collier's weight gain in 2020 shocked his fans because it was like one day, he was a ripped athlete...
On April 29, 2023 By Rachel

Gillian McKeith's Weight Gain: How Did She Gain Weight?

Gillian McKeith has been revealed to have undergone weight gain in her appearance on I'm A Celebrity... South Africa. The...
On April 20, 2023 By Rachel

Anthony LaPaglia's Weight Gain: Did The Actor Gain Weight?

Anthony LaPaglia sparked weight gain speculations about him with his recent public appearance at the screening of his new show...
On April 11, 2023 By Harvey

Lily Allen's Weight Gain: The Singer Gained 14 Stones Following Her Pregnancy!

Lily Allen always had body image issues and the slightest weight gain used to bother her. When the singer gained...
On April 10, 2023 By Rachel

Caylee Cooper’s Weight Loss: The Oregon-Based Woman Lost 80 Pounds in 8 Months!

Caylee Cooper has undergone over 80 pounds of weight loss in less than 8 months after years of unsuccessful diets...
On April 8, 2023 By Rachel

Did Matt Damon Gain Weight For Air?

Did Matt Damon gain weight for Air? The actor did look pudgy and he had his belly sticking out and...
On April 6, 2023 By Harvey

James Packer’s Weight Gain: The Real Reason Behind His Body Transformation!

James Packer has recently undergone a significant amount of weight gain as compared to his before appearance. However, the 55-year-old...
On April 3, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Penny Lancaster's Weight Gain: How Did The Model Gain Weight and When? She Looks Fit For Her Age Now!

Penny Lancaster doesn't look the same as she did when she was young and has aged and gained weight since...
On April 3, 2023 By Urban

Leah Remini’s Weight Gain: The Real Reason Behind Her Recent Appearance!

As of 2023, Leah Remini has undergone a slight weight gain as evidenced by her recent appearance. While she has...
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