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On July 23, 2023 By Sharon

Brooke Elliott Weight Gain: Is The Sweet Magnolias Star Pregnant?

Brooke Elliott has sparked weight gain speculations amidst the rumors that she is pregnant. The Sweet Magnolias star was reportedly...
On July 18, 2023 By Rachel

Big Pun Before Weight Gain: What Happened to Him?

Big Pun faced many ups and downs in his life before weight gain. He reportedly gained weight after having a...
On July 17, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Florence Pugh’s Weight Gain: Here Is What She Has to Say!

Florence Pugh's weight gain has recently become a hot subject on the internet. Many people believe the 27-year-old actress looks...
On July 17, 2023 By Rachel

Jadon Sancho’s Weight Gain: Did He Really Put on Some Pounds?

Jadon Sancho's weight gain has been a topic of discussion since his return after vacation and after the fans saw...
On July 13, 2023 By Rachel

Camille Kostek’s Weight Gain: Did She Put on Some Pounds?

Camille Kostek's weight gain has remained the viewers' topic of conversation for quite a while now and the rumor has...
On July 13, 2023 By Harvey

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Weight Gain: Details on Her Transformation!

Alex Guarnaschelli has undergone a significant weight gain transformation in recent years and people have been curious to know the...
On July 11, 2023 By Rachel

Jessica Simpson Weight Gain: The Journey From Fit to Fat and Fit Again!

Jessica Simpson's slight weight gain in 2009 invited a lot of unwarranted criticism and mockery of her body. The singer...
On July 9, 2023 By Sharon

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Weight Gain: Depression or Overeating?

Kyle Rittenhouse's recent weight gain has caught everyone's eye, and many believe that his battle with anxiety and depression has...
On July 7, 2023 By Rachel

Heather Locklear’s Weight Gain: Then and Now Pictures Examined!

If you compare Heather Locklear's then and now pictures, you can clearly see she has undergone a significant weight gain...
On July 6, 2023 By Rachel

Ashanti’s Weight Gain: Her Take in Accepting Her Body Size!

Ashanti was unable to prevent the weight gain that was a direct result of the amount of stress she was...
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