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On December 2, 2023 By Urban

Evan Ellingson Had Weight Loss or Didn't He?

Evan Ellingson's followers are hitting the internet for information about weight loss following his death due to a drug overdose....
On December 1, 2023 By Sharon

Karen Taylor From EastEnders Stuns With Her Weight Loss!

Karen Taylor from EastEnders looks incredibly fit after weight loss. Lorraine Stanley showed off her post-transformation body in her Instagram...
On December 1, 2023 By Rachel

How Did Suzie Fletcher From Repair Shop Undergo Weight Loss of 8 Stone?

Many viewers are stunned by Suzie Fletcher's recent weight loss transformation of 8 stone. Although she has yet to reveal...
On December 1, 2023 By Derick Scholz

WDIV’s Kimberly Gill Looks Incredible Following Weight Loss!

Kimberly Gill from WDIV-TV has recently undergone significant weight loss in order to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy...
On December 1, 2023 By Sharon

Did Danielle Harold Have Weight Loss Due to an Eating Disorder?

Danielle Harold appears to have undergone a dramatic weight loss even though she was always slender. It really didn't seem...
On November 30, 2023 By Rachel

Did Hollie Strano Undergo Weight Loss?

When comparing her before and after photos, Hollie Strano looks incredibly slimmer after weight loss. While she has not revealed...
On November 28, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Maria Callas Weight Loss Diet: The Singer Before and After!

Maria Callas underwent a significant weight loss of about 40 kilograms in 1954. The dramatic physical transformation was said to...
On November 27, 2023 By Harvey

Dolly Parton Weight Loss: Diet Plan, Cabbage Soup, Exercise & Surgery Update!

Dolly Parton's motivational weight loss journey includes 7 days of cabbage soup and a low-carb diet plan. However, instead of...
On November 26, 2023 By Rachel

Guy Fieri Weight Loss: Did He Diet or Did He Have Surgery?

Guy Fieri's weight loss looks very good on him as he is in better shape now in his fifties than...
On November 25, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Has Nella Rose Had a Weight Loss Recently?

Nella Rose underwent a significant weight loss and dropped down two dress sizes in just a month in 2019. The...
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