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On May 17, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Catherine Tate's Weight Gain: Has She Gained Weight?

Catherine Tate's weight gain speculations took over the internet after her recent appearance at the BAFTAs and Eurovision. In both...
On May 11, 2023 By Sharon

Big Narstie’s Weight Loss: Have a Look at His Transformation Journey!

Big Narstie has recently been an internet sensation after he joined Kelly Brook in promoting his weight loss physique for...
On May 6, 2023 By Rachel

Sarah Millican's Weight Gain: Fans Wonder 'Is She Pregnant?'

Sarah Millican was revealed to have undergone weight gain in her latest public appearance at The Chase. Fans begin to...
On April 30, 2023 By Sharon

Claudia Oshry’s Weight Loss in 2023: Reddit Users Believe She Receives Ozempic!

Claudia Oshry's notable weight loss physique in 2023 has led many Reddit users to suspect that she may have received...
On April 30, 2023 By Rachel

Melanie Bracewell's Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Melanie Bracewell, fans have noticed, appears to have undergone a slight weight loss. The comedian was never obese or fat...
On April 27, 2023 By Sharon

Miss Patty’s Weight Loss: Gilmore Girls’ Star, Actress Liz Torres, Looks Unrecognizable; Surgery & Reddit Update!

Miss Patty, played by actress Liz Torress, from Gilmore Girls has undergone significant weight loss following a low-calorie nutritious diet...
On April 24, 2023 By Urban

Ruby Wax's Plastic Surgery: How is Her Face So Youthful?

Ruby Wax is suspected by her fans of getting plastic surgery such as Botox, fillers, and a facelift. Fans have...
On March 26, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Roseanne Barr’s Plastic Surgery: The Stand-up Comedian & Actress Does Not Look Like She Is 70 Years Old Today!

Roseanne Barr has never been shy about disclosing all the plastic surgery procedures she has received. No doubt, she does...
On March 3, 2023 By Rachel

Matt Rife's Plastic Surgery: Did The Comedian Have a Glow-Up or Did He Get Cosmetic Procedures? Check Out His Before and After Pictures!

Matt Rife has been at the center of plastic surgery speculations ever since he hit puberty and got a magical...
On March 1, 2023 By Rachel

Erica Ash's Weight Loss: What Happened to The We Have a Ghost Actress? Is She Sick? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Erica Ash has sparked weight loss speculations after the release of We Have a Ghost on Netflix, in which she...
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