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On May 2, 2023 By Rachel

Sarah Chalke's Weight Loss: Does She Look Skinny Due To An Eating Disorder?

Sarah Chalke looks extremely skinny in the latest season of Firefly Lane, which has started speculations about her weight loss....
On December 10, 2022 By Urban

Beau Garrett's Husband: Is Cloud Actress from Firefly Lane Married? Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Beau Garrett's husband is a very well-kept secret. Nobody knows who he is or what he does or if he...
On December 10, 2022 By Sharon

Is Firefly Lane a True Story? Are The Contents of the Netflix Series Drawn From Real Life Events?

Is Firefly Lane a True Story? Well, no, but the settings and the backdrop for the characters are very much...
On December 10, 2022 By Rachel

Firefly Lane Filming Locations: Where is The Netflix Series Filmed? Where Does It Take Place? House Locations? Season 2 New Settings?

Vancouver, Canada makes up the entire filming location of Firefly Lane though the series takes place in Seattle for the...
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