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On January 27, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Ulrika Jonsson’s Plastic Surgery: What Does the Celebrity Big Brother Winner Think About Fillers and Botox?

Ulrika Jonsson has undergone plastic surgery with the goal to look the best for her age, not younger than her...
On January 18, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Joanna Lumley’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the 76-Year-Old’s Secret to Look as Young as Someone in Their 50s?

Talking about plastic surgery, Joanna Lumley has been accused of having Botox and fillers to look younger than her actual...
On January 17, 2023 By Harvey

Pamela Anderson’s Plastic Surgery: Why Does The Baywatch Star Look Unrecognizable These Days? The Actress Then and Now!

Pamela Anderson got her signature busty look that pushed her to international fame with the help of plastic surgery. The...
On January 16, 2023 By Urban

Olivia Culpo’s Plastic Surgery: What Are the Beauty Secrets of the Former Miss Universe? Before & After Pictures Examined!

Olivia Culpo has been accused of having multiple plastic surgery treatments, including a jaw slimming procedure as well as rhinoplasty...
On January 8, 2023 By Urban

Lee Jong Suk’s Plastic Surgery: Did He Have a Nose Job and a Double Eyelid Surgery? The Actor Then and Now!

Lee Jong Suk so obviously had plastic surgery as can be told by looking at his drastic transformation from the...
On January 4, 2023 By Harvey

Melania Trump’s Weight Gain in 2023: Did the Former First Lady Gain Weight Because Her Health Issues?

Following Melania Trump’s appearance in 2023, the former First Lady has been a hot topic because of her weight gain....
On December 30, 2022 By Sharon

Natalie Noel’s Weight Loss: How Much Does the Sports Illustrated Model Weigh Now? Check Out Her Diet and Workout Routine!

Natalie Noel looks to be in much better shape now after losing a few extra pounds, which has made viewers...
On December 30, 2022 By Rachel

Kamilla Kowal’s Weight Loss: Does The Bonnie McMurray from Letterkenny Have an Eating Disorder?

Kamilla Kowal shocked everyone with her significant weight loss in the Season 11 of Letterkenny. The Bonnie McMurray actress looked...
On December 29, 2022 By Harvey

Kamilla Kowal’s Plastic Surgery: Has The Bonnie McMurray Actress from Letterkenny Had Lip Fillers and a Nose Job?

Kamilla Kowal, despite staying very low-key, has not managed to evade plastic surgery speculations. The Bonnie McMurray actress from Letterkenny...
On December 28, 2022 By Harvey

Cindy Jackson’s Plastic Surgery: The 66-Year-Old’s Younger Appearance Comes From Record-Setting Cosmetic Procedures!

Cindy Jackson previously entered the Guinness Book of Records after undergoing more than 50 plastic surgery procedures to transform from...
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