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On November 16, 2022 By Sharon

Julie Bowen’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Wonder How the Claire Actress From Modern Family Looks So Young Now!

Instead of undergoing plastic surgery, Julie Bowen claims to be focusing on keeping her skin in good shape by using...
On November 15, 2022 By Harvey

Emily Ratajkowski’s Plastic Surgery: Fans Online Suspect the Model Underwent Multiple Cosmetic Enhancements!

Model Emily Ratajkowski, who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall, is reported to have undergone numerous plastic surgery treatments, including...
On November 13, 2022 By Sharon

Reddit: Lindsay Lohan’s Plastic Surgery in 2022; The Falling for Christmas Cast Looks Completely Different Now!

Fans on Reddit noted that Lindsay Lohan might have undergone plastic surgery after she appeared in New York City for...
On October 31, 2022 By Harvey

Bella Hadid’s Plastic Surgery Inspiration: Admitted to Nose Job in Vogue Interview; Fans Suspect Facelift & Eye Lift!

Fans suspect Bella Hadid underwent numerous plastic surgery procedures, which the 25-year-old denies. The model acknowledged that she spent a...
On October 30, 2022 By Sharon

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery 2022: Did She Really Go Under the Knife? Now & Then Pictures Analyzed!

Online admirers of Jenny McCarthy believe she has undergone enough plastic surgery to be donning her own mask. As of...
On October 23, 2022 By Harvey

Jessica Biel's Plastic Surgery: Has The Sinner Star Had a Nose Job and Lip Fillers? Check Out the Before and After Pictures!

Jessica Biel looks very natural but still, she has not managed to escape from plastic surgery speculations about herself. The...
On October 12, 2022 By Sharon

Bridget Moynahan's Plastic Surgery: Did Erin from Blue Bloods Get a Facelift? Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Bridget Moynahan is believed to have taken the aid of plastic surgery, a facelift, and other non-invasive procedures like laser...
On October 10, 2022 By Sharon

Jennifer Beals' Plastic Surgery: The Luckiest Girl Alive Cast Has Not Aged Since Her Flashdance Days; Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Jennifer Beals is thought to have undergone plastic surgery such as Botox and fillers to maintain her youth. The Luckiest...
On September 25, 2022 By Rachel

Anna Nicole Smith's Weight Gain: How Much Did The Model Weigh at her Biggest?

Anna Nicole Smith's weight gain was a huge controversy at the time. The model was treated very harshly for gaining...
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