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On April 14, 2022 By Sharon

CNN: Brianna Keilar’s Weight Gain & Pregnant Rumors Explained!

Brianna Keilar is rumored to have undergone weight gain recently. Viewers wonder if the co-anchor of CNN’s New Day might...
On April 7, 2022 By Rachel

Jen Psaki’s Husband Gregory Mecher: Details of Her Family & Kids!

Jen Psaki is happily married to her husband Gregory Mecher since 2010. Gregory is also on a democratic political side...
On April 3, 2022 By Urban

White House: Jen Psaki’s Weight Loss Triggered By COVID-19!

Jen Psaki has been rumored to have undergone a significant weight loss following the diagnosis of coronavirus for the second...
On March 22, 2022 By Rachel

Chris Christie’s Weight Gain: The Complete Story!

Chris Christie has always been hounded for his weight gain throughout his career in politics. He used to be 322...
On March 17, 2022 By Rachel

Linda Tripp’s Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

Linda Tripp had undergone a full top-to-bottom makeover with the help of several plastic surgery treatments like a nose job,...
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