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On June 7, 2023 By Rachel

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Pregnant?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not pregnant. If she is, she is yet to make a pregnancy announcement. The politician already...
On May 26, 2023 By Harvey

Julia Gillard's Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Botox, Facelift & Eyelid Surgery?

Julia Gillard is in her sixties, yet she appears to be in her forties, prompting many to wonder if she...
On May 24, 2023 By Urban

Is Tim Scott Gay? The Senator's Sexuality Revealed!

Senator Tim Scott is speculated to be gay by the general public because he's not married. They think there's a...
On May 3, 2023 By Urban

Kim Keon-Hee's Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedure Did She Have?

Kim Keon-hee, the current First Lady of South Korea, is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery. Some pictures of her...
On April 28, 2023 By Harvey

Diane Abbott's Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Diane Abbott appears to have undergone weight loss recently. These days, the politician is looking a lot slimmer than before...
On April 14, 2023 By Rachel

Gavin Newsom's Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedures Has He Had?

Gavin Newsom has been suspected by many people of having undergone plastic surgery because they are noticing that he is...
On April 1, 2023 By Sharon

Chris Christie's Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did The Former New Jersey Governor Lose After Lap-Band Surgery?

Chris Christie reportedly lost about 86 pounds following the weight loss surgery he underwent in February 2013. Though the former...
On March 27, 2023 By Sharon

Ron DeSantis' Weight Loss: How Did The Florida Governor Get so Fit and Slim? Did He Take Ozempic?

Ron DeSantis has undergone a noticeable weight loss ahead of the 2024 presidential run. The Florida governor revealed that he's...
On March 9, 2023 By Urban

Marianne Williamson's Plastic Surgery: How Does The Political Activist Manage to Look So Young Even in Her 70s?

Marianne Williamson has sparked speculations about plastic surgery after she came into the spotlight after she launched her campaign to...
On February 24, 2023 By Harvey

Is Nikki Haley a Woman of Color? What Race is The Politician? Is She White? Is She Black? What's Her Nationality?

Nikki Haley, after announcing that she was running for president in the 2024 U.S. Presidential election, raised curiosity regarding her...
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