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On July 16, 2023 By Rachel

Ronna Romney McDaniel’s Weight Loss: Surgery or Hard Work?

Following her drastic weight loss transformation, Ronna Romney McDaniel has been accused of receiving surgery to lose weight. However, the...
On July 11, 2023 By Urban

MP Brandon Lewis’ Weight Loss: Here’s How He Lost 5 Stone!

Brandon Lewis has recently been in the spotlight due to his weight loss transformation. According to the UK MP, he...
On June 16, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Nadine Dorries’ Plastic Surgery: Her Secret to Prevent Aging?

Talking about plastic surgery, Nadine Dorries has been receiving Botox injections ever since she was 54 years old to avoid...
On June 10, 2023 By Sharon

George Conway's Plastic Surgery: Has He Had Cosmetic Surgery?

George Conway's plastic surgery speculations might come as a surprise because he does not look like he has had cosmetic...
On June 7, 2023 By Rachel

Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Pregnant?

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not pregnant. If she is, she is yet to make a pregnancy announcement. The politician already...
On May 26, 2023 By Harvey

Julia Gillard's Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Botox, Facelift & Eyelid Surgery?

Julia Gillard is in her sixties, yet she appears to be in her forties, prompting many to wonder if she...
On May 24, 2023 By Urban

Is Tim Scott Gay? The Senator's Sexuality Revealed!

Senator Tim Scott is speculated to be gay by the general public because he's not married. They think there's a...
On May 3, 2023 By Urban

Kim Keon-Hee's Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedure Did She Have?

Kim Keon-hee, the current First Lady of South Korea, is speculated to have undergone plastic surgery. Some pictures of her...
On April 28, 2023 By Harvey

Diane Abbott's Weight Loss: Has She Lost Weight?

Diane Abbott appears to have undergone weight loss recently. These days, the politician is looking a lot slimmer than before...
On April 14, 2023 By Rachel

Gavin Newsom's Plastic Surgery: What Cosmetic Procedures Has He Had?

Gavin Newsom has been suspected by many people of having undergone plastic surgery because they are noticing that he is...
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