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On November 20, 2022 By Sharon

Hannah Kae Before Plastic Surgery: What Do Reddit Users Say?

Hannah Kae has had multiple plastic surgery procedures including fox eye surgery, brow lift, nose job, buccal fat removal, jaw...
On October 31, 2022 By Rachel

Talia Jackson’s Husband: Is Jade from Family Reunion Married? Who is Her Spouse?

Talia Jackson or who most people know as Jade from Family Reunion most likely is not married and does not...
On October 30, 2022 By Rachel

Yungsweetro Before Plastic Surgery: Rojean Kar Looks Eerily Similar to Travis Scott’s Baby Mama Kylie Jenner! Fans Seek Before and After Pictures!

Yungsweetro has had a whole body makeover with plastic surgery, most likely Botox, a nose job, fillers, lip fillers, breast...
On October 22, 2022 By Sharon

Katy Jo Raelyn’s Plastic Surgery: Has The Instagram Model Had Breast Augmentation and a BBL?

Katy Jo Raelyn is suspected of not being completely natural and taking the aid of plastic surgery to enhance her...
On September 17, 2022 By Sharon

Leah Messer’s Weight Gain: Pregnancy Rumors Explained!

Recently, Teen Mom star Leah Messer received allegations of pregnancy due to her current weight gain, where she seems to...
On July 19, 2022 By Sharon

Ari Fletcher Before Plastic Surgery: Was BBL and Lips Surgery Worth It?

Ari Fletcher, the owner of KYCHE Extensions’ recent post on Instagram is raising the question: how did the model look...
On July 9, 2022 By Sharon

Twomad and Belle Delphine Dating Photos: Did They Get Together? Did Twomad Sleep With Belle Delphine? Fans Wonder if Twomad “Smashes” Her!

The two content artists Twomad and Belle Delphine were recently spotted sharing their joint video. First, the images of Belle...
On July 5, 2022 By Urban

Twomad’s Weight Loss: A Quick Glance at the YouTuber’s Transformation!

Recently, YouTuber Twomad gained fame for his incredible weight loss journey, which has landed him in the spotlight as a...
On July 2, 2022 By Sharon

I Am Jazz Weight Gain Cause 2022 Reddit: Jazz Jennings’ Before and After, Weight Loss, Surgery Pictures & Instagram!

I Am Jazz celebrity, Jazz Jennings, 21, who put on 100 pounds following weight gain as seen on Instagram, is...
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