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On November 25, 2023 By Harvey

Nella Rose Before Weight Gain: She Used To Be a Size 12!

Nella Rose was size 12 before she had weight gain. The influencer went from size 12 to size 20 after...
On November 25, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Has Nella Rose Had a Weight Loss Recently?

Nella Rose underwent a significant weight loss and dropped down two dress sizes in just a month in 2019. The...
On November 17, 2023 By Harvey

Did Breckie Hill Have a Breast Reduction?

Many people believe Breckie Hill has received breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of her breasts. Comparing her before...
On November 7, 2023 By Urban

Kendall Vertes Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Lip Fillers?

Kendall Vertes is widely believed to have undergone plastic surgery because she has that generic Instagram look, slim nose, huge...
On November 6, 2023 By Sharon

Brooke Schofield Before and After Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Brooke Schofield underwent a dramatic weight loss of 20 pounds and got lots of compliments from her followers. The influencer...
On November 5, 2023 By Sharon

Has Addison Rae Had Weight Gain Recently?

Addison Rae does not appear to have undergone a weight gain recently. But she did recently post a picture of...
On November 1, 2023 By Harvey

Elle Ferguson Weight Loss: Her Transformation Examined!

Elle Ferguson's recent pictures show that she has undergone a weight loss transformation in recent years. She lost 10 kg...
On November 1, 2023 By Urban

Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery: What Has She Done to Her Face?

Rosanna Pansino hates it when her followers ask her if she had plastic surgery but fans cannot help wondering that...
On October 25, 2023 By Rachel

Lori Holt Weight Loss: Here Is How She Lost Weight!

Lori Holt hasn't revealed her precise weight loss or diet and exercise routine. She looks to have reduced weight in...
On October 21, 2023 By Harvey

Nick Crompton Weight Loss: How Much Weight Has He Lost?

Nick Crompton has had a very noticeable weight loss since 2019. The English social media influencer used to look quite...
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