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On January 31, 2023 By Urban

Jim Courier's Weight Loss: What Workout and Training Schedule Does the Former Tennis Star Follow? Does He Have a Diet Plan?

Jim Courier has somehow sparked weight loss discussions about him through no fault of his own. It's a bit strange...
On January 30, 2023 By Sharon

Sabalenka's Plastic Surgery: Did the Australian 2023 Winner Have Botox and Lip Fillers? People Think Her Forehead's too Smooth and Her Lips too Big!

Sabalenka has been suspected of having plastic surgery, especially Botox and lip fillers, after her photo shoot with the trophy....
On January 30, 2023 By Harvey

Jelena Dokic's Weight Gain: The Former Tennis Star Weighed 120 Kgs at Her Heaviest and Received Body Shaming Comments!

Jelena Dokic underwent a massive weight gain after her retirement. She gained half her weight and became double her size....
On January 29, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Jim Courier's Plastic Surgery: Why Does the Former Tennis Player Look so Different at the Australian Open 2023?

Jim Courier arrived looking very different to commentate on the Australian Open 2023 which sparked plastic surgery speculations about him....
On January 24, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Jelena Ostapenko's Husband: Is the Tennis Player Married? Is She Pregnant? Or Did She Have a Baby with Her Boyfriend?

Jelena Ostapenko is not married and she does not have a husband. And she does not have a baby either....
On January 23, 2023 By Sharon

Jelena Ostapenko's Weight Gain 2023: Does the Tennis Player Have Diabetes? Or Is She Pregnant? Did She Have a Baby?

Jelena Ostapenko has sparked intense discussions about her weight gain after she appeared in the Australian Open 2023 looking a...
On March 27, 2022 By Rachel

Real Truth About Monica Seles' Plastic Surgery Speculations!

Former No.1 Women's Tennis Player, Monica Seles, has been accused of having plastic surgery. Fans believe that she has undergone...
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