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On June 6, 2022 By Harvey

Val Kilmer’s Health Update 2022: How Did the Top Gun Star Get Throat Cancer?

Val Kilmer's health condition has always been a concern to his fans as he was previously diagnosed with throat cancer....
On June 6, 2022 By Urban

Val Kilmer’s Plastic Surgery: Does He Look Young Even After His Health Condition?

Val Kilmer, known for portraying Batman in Batman Forever (1995), is reported to have undergone plastic surgery to look young....
On June 4, 2022 By Rachel

Tom Cruise’s Weight Gain: The Top Gun Star Looks Chubbier in 2022!

Tom Cruise’s weight gain in 2022 has become a new topic of discussion after fans noticed his swollen face. Additionally,...
On June 2, 2022 By Rachel

Jennifer Connelly's Plastic Surgery: Or Is It The 'Top Gun: Maverick' Star's Skincare Routine?

Jennifer Connelly, who is currently in the spotlight of Top Gun: Maverick, has once again been targeted with plastic surgery...
On June 2, 2022 By Harvey

Did Tom Cruise Get Plastic Surgery? The 'Top Gun: Maverick' Star Told He Hasn't and Never Would!

Tom Cruise's plastic surgery quickly took over the discussion of his latest movie Top Gun: Maverick following his recent public...
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