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On December 1, 2023 By Rachel

How Did Suzie Fletcher From Repair Shop Undergo Weight Loss of 8 Stone?

Many viewers are stunned by Suzie Fletcher's recent weight loss transformation of 8 stone. Although she has yet to reveal...
On December 1, 2023 By Harvey

Plastic Surgery: Michelle Visage Accepts to Receiving Botox, Fillers & Breast Implant!

Michelle Visage has been open about undergoing numerous plastic surgery procedures like Botox and fillers to stop aging. She even...
On December 1, 2023 By Derick Scholz

WDIV’s Kimberly Gill Looks Incredible Following Weight Loss!

Kimberly Gill from WDIV-TV has recently undergone significant weight loss in order to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy...
On December 1, 2023 By Urban

Sonja Morgan From RHONY Is Very Frank About Her Plastic Surgery!

Sonja Morgan deserves appreciation for being so open about her plastic surgery. In 2020, The Real Housewives of New York...
On November 30, 2023 By Rachel

Did Hollie Strano Undergo Weight Loss?

When comparing her before and after photos, Hollie Strano looks incredibly slimmer after weight loss. While she has not revealed...
On November 30, 2023 By Harvey

Charlotte Crosby Has No Regrets of Receiving Plastic Surgery!

Fans claim that Charlotte Crosby looks completely different after years of undergoing various plastic surgery procedures. While she has always...
On November 30, 2023 By Derick Scholz

Nikki Exotika Before and After Plastic Surgery Examined!

When comparing Nikki Exotika's appearance before and after plastic surgery, she looks completely unrecognizable. According to reports, she spent £750,000...
On November 30, 2023 By Urban

Why Did Omid Scobie Have To Get All That Plastic Surgery?

Omid Scobie has gone way overboard with plastic surgery. You don't even need before and after pictures to tell that...
On November 28, 2023 By Urban

Caroline Stanbury Plastic Surgery: Fans Are Trolling Her New Face!

Caroline Stanbury has recently received a lot of criticism due to her plastic surgery enhancement. If you are not aware,...
On November 28, 2023 By Sharon

NeNe Leakes Before and After Plastic Surgery: How Does She Look Now?

NeNe Leakes openly admits to receiving plastic surgery which is visible in her before and after pictures. As of now,...
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