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On February 12, 2023 By Sharon

Reddit: Why Did Jenna Marbles Leave YouTube? Controversy Explained!

Jenna Marbles or Jenna Nicole Mourey is a former YouTuber and a vlogger who had over 20 million subscribers. Marbles...
On July 9, 2022 By Sharon

Twomad and Belle Delphine Dating Photos: Did They Get Together? Did Twomad Sleep With Belle Delphine? Fans Wonder if Twomad "Smashes" Her!

The two content artists Twomad and Belle Delphine were recently spotted sharing their joint video. First, the images of Belle...
On July 5, 2022 By Urban

Twomad’s Weight Loss: A Quick Glance at the YouTuber’s Transformation!

Recently, YouTuber Twomad gained fame for his incredible weight loss journey, which has landed him in the spotlight as a...
On July 2, 2022 By Sharon

I Am Jazz Weight Gain Cause 2022 Reddit: Jazz Jennings' Before and After, Weight Loss, Surgery Pictures & Instagram!

I Am Jazz celebrity, Jazz Jennings, 21, who put on 100 pounds following weight gain as seen on Instagram, is...
On May 28, 2022 By Sharon

Gad Saad's Weight Loss: Diet Plan & Workout Routine Explored!

Gad Saad's 86 pounds weight loss is currently trending on the internet. A well-known Youtuber who is recognized for his...
On May 17, 2022 By Sharon

Jazz Jennings' Weight Gain: Revealed in an Instagram Post; Look at Her Pictures Now!

Jazz Jennings underwent a massive weight gain of 100 pounds in less than 2 years as was visible and which...
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