Talia Jackson’s Husband: Is Jade from Family Reunion Married? Who is Her Spouse?


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Talia Jackson's Husband: Is Jade from Family Reunion Married? Who is Her Spouse?

Talia Jackson or who most people know as Jade from Family Reunion most likely is not married and does not have a husband like many of the fans seem to think. The actress is only 21 years old which is an age when she’s too young to be married. From the looks of her Instagram page, Talia Jackson does not even have a boyfriend, much less a husband.

Talia Jackson is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and social media personality who is most known for playing the role of Jade McKellan in the original Netflix sitcom Family Reunion. Apart from her breakout role as one of the main characters of the show, she has appeared in many television series and movies in a small role.

She made her acting debut in a film called A Green Story in 2012 when she was just 11. She played the small role of Alexsia in the movie. She was also cast in the television movie Raised by Wolves in 17 when she was 16. In the movie, she played Dusty Gable and impressed the viewers with her performance.

Her acting career took off after that because the very next year, in 2018, she was selected as one of the star cast of ABC’s Station 19. She appeared in the regular role of Zoe in Station 19. The following year, she was selected to play the role of Jade McKellan in Family Reunion which soared her career as it did a lot for Netflix.

Part 5 which is Season 3 of the Family Reunion recently premiered on Netflix. It is the final season of the show which has factored into the number of viewers of the show. The release of the show has thrust the actors of the Netflix series into the spotlight. The general interest in the cast members of Family Reunion has increased. And as such, many viewers want to know about Talia Jackson’s husband. She is 21 so, she most likely is not married and does not have a husband but fans are not even stopping to consider that.

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Talia Jackson’s Husband: Jade from Family Reunion Is Not Married and Does Not Have a Spouse!

So, part 5 of Family Reunion has finally premiered and it has created quite a buzz on the internet. More so because it came one year after the series was renewed for a third and final season. The viewers of the show were not aware of how much they missed the teenage members of the family finding ways to rebel by doing everything from falling into illicit relationships to attempting gospel music careers in the show before it aired for the last time.

Many viewers watched the show nostalgically with high school graduation goggles (as in they felt they were going to miss the characters because the show had ended). This heightened their interest in the actors and actresses who played their favorite characters. And Jade, which happens to be a fan-favorite character of Family Reunion is played by Talia Jackson (@taliajacksonofficial).

So, let’s just say Talia Jackson is having her moment on the internet with many celebrating the character and the actress herself. And about the actress, fans have been taken with curiosity over her relationship status. They want to know if she is single or if she is dating someone. Some of them even think she’s a married woman and are searching for info about her husband on the internet. Her husband??? That really came out of nowhere.

This is crazy because Talia Jackson is so young and not at all, married. I mean, she was born on August 28, 2001, which makes her 21 years old as of now. How many 21-year-old married people do you know? Very few or maybe not even few. She most likely is not married and does not have a husband. I don’t think that should even be a question. It’s hard to understand why people are looking to know about her husband since she never claimed to be married. They just assumed she is married and wanted to know about her spouse.

There are definitely people who get married young but Talia Jackson is not one of them. She does not have a husband. It seems like she does not even have a boyfriend. She is probably single going by her Instagram posts. Like she has posted only 13 times till now and none of the photos posted have a boyfriend. It’s just friends, her dog, and herself.

It could be that Talia Jackson is staying private about her relationship status and she’s probably choosing to not post pictures of her boyfriend. She might not be single but definitely isn’t married and does not have a husband hidden away from the public. She is young enough to play a teen in the Family Reunion. She, like people her age, is not mature and prepared enough to handle a lifetime commitment of marriage and a spouse.

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