Talia Mar’s Plastic Surgery: How Did Simon React to Her Nose Job? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!


Talia Mar's Plastic Surgery: How Did Simon React to Her Nose Job? Check Out Her Before and After Pictures!

Talia Mar has been very candid about the multiple nose job procedures she has had. Fans believe she has had other plastic surgery including lip fillers, buccal fat removal, chin fillers, and Botox as well. However, Talia Mar hasn’t talked about having other plastic surgery besides the nose job. Fans seek her before and after pictures.

Talia Mar is a British singer-songwriter and internet personality who gained prominence in 2016 when she started posting music on her YouTube channel. Her popularity rose when she landed a record deal and released her debut EP titled Tough Decisions in 2017. Her collaboration with Sigala on Stay the Night charted at No. 11 on the UK Singles Chart.

As of February 2023, Talia Mar has more than 1.4 million subscribers between her two Youtube channels and over 145 million views. Besides her Youtube channels, she is also active on Twitch. She plays video games and does regular live streams on the platform to interact with her fanbase. On Twitch, she has garnered over 700 thousand followers and over 22 million views.

Her fanbase is often curious about her and one of the things they want to know the most about her is her nose job. They don’t really understand why she got plastic surgery to fix her nose when it didn’t need fixing. They did not appreciate how differently she started looking after the procedure. They also believe she has had other procedures including lip fillers, chin fillers, buccal fat removal, and Botox. She has only talked about her nose job. Let’s find out more about Talia Mar’s plastic surgery!

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Talia Mar’s Plastic Surgery: The Internet Sensation Got Several Nose Job Procedures Because She Didn’t Like Her Nose; Fans Seek Her Before and After Pictures!

Talia Mar (@taliamar) is believed to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures including Botox, nose job, lip fillers, buccal fat removal, and chin fillers. However, she has opened up only about the two nose job procedures she had and nothing else.

Talia Mar has been around for eight years since 2016. And for half of those, she has been the center of discussions about plastic surgery. People started noticing that the Youtube sensation looked very different than before in 2019. Though they couldn’t pinpoint the exact difference about her then, they began to notice in the following years that it was the nose job that drastically changed her appearance.

In the following years, Talia Mar seemed to have gotten other plastic surgery procedures and that highlighted how much her nose had changed. The other changes were noticeable as well but none as dramatic as the change in the shape of her nose. Her forehead looked a little too smooth to be natural and her lips looked fuller than before. Her cheeks looked as if it was sculpted to look that way. Her chin was supposedly more pronounced. But her nose job was the most prominent.

And why wouldn’t the nose job be the most prominent? Talia Mar had the procedure done more than one time. But why did she do it in the first place? It was not like her nose didn’t meet the conventional standards of beauty. She already had a slim and narrow nose. It was cute, so why did she change it? Many fans assumed that she had plastic surgery on her nose because she had some breathing problems that needed to be fixed, otherwise she would never go through it.

There were others who believed that the hay fever she had played a part in her getting a nose job. Everyone thought that Talia Mar had plastic surgery on her nose because there were some medical issues. Nobody spared a moment to think that she might have done it for aesthetic purposes because her nose was already cute enough as it was. So, imagine their surprise when she said on stream that she got the nose job because she wanted to and not because of breathing problems or hay fever.

During an interview, Talia Mar said that she had her first nose job when she was 19 because she didn’t like her nose and wanted to change it. But it ended up looking worse than her original nose so, the following year, she got the procedure done again. And that nose she got in 2020, she settled for it because she loved it.

Once she was asked during her live stream what her boyfriend thought about her nose job. The singer then let people know that Simon didn’t really care that she made the choice to undergo plastic surgery procedures. She said that he was good with it and was down for it as long as she didn’t completely change the way she looked and she was happy.

Talia Mar has only opened up about the nose job procedure she has had. Other plastic surgery procedures fans suspect her of having, including Botox, lip fillers, buccal fat removal, and chin fillers, these are just speculations even though it’s very noticeable how her forehead is too smooth, her lips are fuller than ever, and her cheeks look so hollow, because she has not yet confirmed them yet.

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