Tiger Woods’ Plastic Surgery: What Happened on the 2009 Thanksgiving Night Car Accident?


Tiger Woods' Plastic Surgery: What Happened on the 2009 Thanksgiving Night Car Accident?

Tiger Woods is rumored to have undergone reconstructive plastic surgery after his wife Elin hit him in the face with a 9-iron golf swing. They supposedly were arguing on the 2009 Thanksgiving after Elin confronted the golfer about his affairs when he ignored her and turned to watch television after which she smashed his face. As Tiger Woods tried to make an escape in his car, his wife broke the car’s window and he crashed the car. He was taken to a hospital in Orlando and then sent off to a plastic surgery expert and cosmetic dentist in Phoenix.

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous athletes in modern history and is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time. He has been inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. He holds numerous golf records, ranks second in men’s major championships, and is tied for first in PGA Tour wins. Within a year of starting golf as a pro, he won three PGA Tour and his first major. He reached number one in the Official World Golf Ranking for the first time in June 1997.

He went on to be a very dominant force in golf in the first decade of the 21st century. From August 1999 to September 2004 (264 consecutive weeks) and again from June 2005 to October 2010(281 consecutive weeks), he was the top-ranked golfer in the world. He won 13 of golf’s major championships. The next decade was not as good as he faced a setback in his personal life.

In November 2011, Tiger Woods slipped down to number 58 in the world rankings. He topped the rankings again between March 2013 and May 2014. After that, things got a little messed up as some injuries led him to undergo four back injuries between 2014 and 2017. Between August 2015 and January 2018, he competed in only one tournament and dropped off the list of the world’s top 1000 golfers. However, on his return, he made steady progress to the top of the game and won his first tournament in five years at the Tour Championship in September 2018 and his first major in 11 years at the 2019 Masters.

His career as a professional golf player was remarkable. If only he had not had the setback which was his relationship issues and his infidelity. He is said to have tried to make his marriage work but his wife was so angry that she smashed his face after which he had to get plastic surgery to fix it. Let’s learn more about Tiger Woods’ plastic surgery!

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Tiger Woods’ Plastic Surgery: He is Rumored to Have Had Reconstructive Plastic Surgery After His Wife Smashed His Face!

Tiger Woods‘ (@tigerwoods) career post-2010s would never have gone the way it did if it hadn’t been for some extreme choices his wife (former) had made in the heat of the moment. The setback came because she ended up creating more damage than it forced Tiger to go all recluse afterward, at least according to the rumors. Apparently, she hurt him so bad that he had to have plastic surgery to fix it at all.

Some people think it’s just a silly rumor and so, they don’t take it seriously but some find it perfectly believable. Well, as per the rumors, the event that led to the need for plastic surgery began on Thanksgiving day. Everything seemed fine on the day in the beginning. Tiger Woods and Elin, his wife just had turkey dinner and were doing their own thing.

Tiger Woods was watching football on the couch and texting Rachel, the woman he was supposedly having an affair with. He deleted every text after sending and receiving it, taking care so that he would not be caught and that there was no evidence. But he floundered when he got distracted by one of his Orlando buds who called him to see if he wanted to get together at the Clubhouse to play poker with the guys.

Tiger Woods went to play poker but left his cell phone behind which contained that one message from Rachel he had forgotten to delete. It was now all for Elin to read and she did and so, she stayed awake waiting to ambush him and take him by surprise so he won’t be able to lie to her. She had no idea what she would do but I don’t think she thought what she would do would lead to him needing plastic surgery to fix him.

After Tiger Woods returned, she started that intense and heated discussion about not just the text because there were the photos as well. Tiger may have been surprised but he didn’t give much of an answer to Elin. He may not have realized the gravity of the situation because he went to sit on the couch and watch television as if his loyalty had not been questioned by a very furious wife. If only he hadn’t taken the situation lightly, there’s a chance he might not have been disfigured to need plastic surgery.

One split second was all that Elin needed. As he turned to face the television, ignoring his enraged wife, she hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9-iron golf club, which cut a deep gash in the right side of his nose, knocked out two of his upper teeth, and broke the bone on the upper right side. He got disfigured in an instant and he would be needing plastic surgery to fix his face.

Tiger Woods, shocked and scared by how his wife had come undone, fled before she could do more damage. He ran out of the house to the garage with Elin running after him with the golf club still in her hands. He hopped in the car and tried to leave but before he could do that, she knocked out the windows of the car. Tiger crashed and it made Elin calm down enough to take him to the hospital.

The golfer was taken to a hospital in Orlando in an ambulance where he was taken in for X-rays to assess the damage. The doctors there told him that there was not much they could do about the damage and recommended a cosmetic dentist and plastic surgery expert in Phoenix who they said could make him look as if his wife had not taken a swing at him with a 9-iron golf swing.

Tiger Woods flew to Phoenix to see the surgeon and underwent reconstructive plastic surgery. The resulting procedures were said to be more intense than what he had expected and he was in Phoenix for longer than he thought he would be. He didn’t return to Orlando until much later and even then he didn’t go back to his house. He took up residence in Bay Hill.

Though this is the public story of Tiger Woods’ plastic surgery, many people think it’s just a rumor made up because Woods has not made any public statement about the 2009 Thanksgiving car crash.

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