Tommy Walsh’s Weight Loss: The Builder Shocked Everyone with His Slimmed Down Appearance on Celebrity Pointless!


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Tommy Walsh's Weight Loss: The Builder Shocked Everyone with His Slimmed Down Appearance on Celebrity Pointless!

Tommy Walsh surprised everyone with his dramatic weight loss and slimmed-down appearance when he appeared on Celebrity Pointless about four weeks ago. People almost didn’t realize it was him until he was introduced. Fans want to know the diet and exercise routine Tommy Walsh followed to have that weight loss but the Ground Force star hasn’t yet acknowledged fans’ curiosity. 

Tommy Walsh is an English television personality, presenter, and celebrity builder who found fame when he joined the BBC television gardening program and do-it-yourself show Ground Force with Alan Titchmarsh in 1997.  He is also known for his own show called Challenge Tommy Walsh.

Before he became known for appearing in the BBC program alongside Alan Titchmarsh, who was responsible for the hard landscaping, he went to Parmiter’s School and then attended a grammar school in Bethnal Green. When he got Ground Force, he stayed with the show for the rest of its run, from 1997 to 2005. Besides that gig, he had a small acting role in the film One. He also appeared in Lily Savage‘s Blankety Blank.

Besides his television work, he writes books on do-it-yourself and garden improvement. He also runs his own building business. He has his own DIY brand that is sold in Poundland shops in the UK. He’s also a patron of the Stairway to Heaven Memorial Trust, and is the subject of the song Tommy Walsh’s Eco House on the 2011 album 90 Bisodol (Crimond) released by the band Half Man Half Biscuit.

He recently appeared in Celebrity Pointless where he stunned the viewers with his appearance. Turns out he had undergone a drastic weight loss. He looked nothing like the way he was seen last which would be sometime around March 2022. As it happened, these nine months since then must have been very exerting for him to lose that much weight. Fans want to know his diet and workout routines. Let’s learn more about Tommy Walsh’s weight loss!

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Tommy Walsh’s Weight Loss: The Ground Force Star Shed a Lot of Weight; Fans Want to Know His Diet Plans and Workout Routines!

Tommy Walsh surprised people with his dramatic weight loss about three weeks ago. Fans want to know what diet he was on and if he did workouts and had an exercise routine.

In the New Year’s Eve special of Celebrity Pointless, Tommy Walsh also took art alongside Tim Key, Alex Horne, Eboni Usoro-Brown, Sharron Davies, Rhea Bailey, Diarmuid Gavin, and Natalie Jamieson. In the show where people try to earn as few points as possible by giving obscure answers as they try to tackle the general knowledge quiz, in the show where wackiness is celebrated and where everybody is a celebrity, Tommy stole all the attention on Saturday night that the episode aired in with his dramatic weight loss.

When viewers were introduced to the four teams that would be playing the game by the hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, Tommy Walsh was sitting among one of those teams. Or was he? The viewers had to do a double-check because the person looked so much different than Tommy despite looking the same. His face looked like Tommy’s but his body was different. Did Walsh have a weight loss or did they just spot his doppelganger?

Well, as the show is Celebrity Pointless and not regular people pointless, it turned out to be Tommy Walsh after the weight loss. The person that people had to double-check looked so similar to Tommy because it was him. It was the same face, just a slimmed-down version of it. The body, on the other hand, he looked like he had lost half his weight. Very dramatic weight loss he has had since the last time he was seen in public.

The Ground Force star wore a burgundy polo shirt and straight-cut jeans when he appeared on the game show and he seemed to be in the best shape. Fans were only used to seeing him a lot bigger than that. So, you can imagine the surprise when he suddenly appeared on Celebrity Pointless with a completely new appearance and a slimmed-down body. There was no indication that he was going to embark on a weight loss journey.

So, even when Tommy Walsh broke the news to the host that he was awaiting some exciting news from his home and that her daughter was five days overdue to giving him his first grandchild, people couldn’t get in on that and share his excitement. They were too focused on his weight loss to do that. Social media became flooded with comments about his transformation and new body for some time.

People were also curious to learn exactly what the builder had done to have a weight loss like that. They want to know what diet he was on when he was in the process of losing weight and they also want to know if he had any workout schedules and exercise routines he stuck to in order to shed the pounds he lost. However, Tommy Walsh has not yet acknowledged people’s curiosity about that and has not mentioned any diet or exercise routine yet.

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