Tony Maudsley Weight Loss: The George Shuttleworth Actor From Coronation Street Looks Leaner!


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Tony Maudsley Weight Loss: The George Shuttleworth Actor From Coronation Street Looks Leaner!

Tony Maudsley has recently been in the spotlight due to his significant weight loss appearance. Compared to his before and after pictures, the George Shuttleworth actor from Coronation Street star looks completely different than what he used to be. However, Maudsley has yet not revealed anything regarding his recent body transformation.

Tony Maudsley, a well-known English actor, made his stage show debut in 2016 as Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal. The following year, he returned to pantomime, this time as the Genie of the Lamp in Aladdin at the Swansea Grand Theatre. Later in 2020, he returned to the Liverpool Empire as Kenneth the Cabin Boy in Peter Pan.

Likely, the 55-year-old actor is also well known for playing hairdresser Kenneth Du Beke in the hit ITV sitcom Benidorm and George Shuttleworth in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street (2020–present).

Recently, Tony Maudsley made headlines after signing a new contract with Coronation Street and his new appearance has shocked many of his fans. Likely, many people are curious to know what diet he’s been on and how much weight he’s lost in a few months. Continue reading to learn more about the most recent news regarding his weight loss.

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Tony Maudsley’s Weight Loss: The Coronation Street Star Has Lost a Massive Amount of Weight in Recent Years!

Tony Maudsley (@tonymaudsley1) has undoubtedly been losing weight, as evidenced by his recent social media posts. When comparing his before and after photos, the 55-year-old actor clearly looks a little different. However, the 55-year-old actor has not revealed the reason for his recent weight loss transformation or how much weight he has lost.

Tony Maudsley before and after weight loss.

Tony Maudsley before and after weight loss.
Source: Daily Express

Despite the fact that Tony Maudsley has not commented on his appearance, we conducted research and discovered a few possible explanations for his change. Everyone needs to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. To stay fit, we can assume the 55-year-old actor has been working out and eating a healthy diet.

Furthermore, the George actor appears to have wanted to improve his performance in the upcoming season of Coronation Street. He might have realized that he needs to change himself in order to improve his appearance. As a result, he may have worked diligently and gradually lost weight.

Tony Maudsley's latest appearance.

Tony Maudsley’s latest appearance.
Source: Manchester Evening News

Likely, he also may have been eating less to get away from fats. But keep in mind, you can lose weight by eating less, but increasing your physical activity burns more calories than dieting alone. Any weight loss plan that incorporates regular exercise is not only more effective but also healthier. Eating a healthy diet and exercising can help to strengthen your bones, muscles, and heart.

Since there are no official announcements, we consequently have little to say. It’s critical to understand that all of the above information is purely speculative. However, we promise to get back to you as soon as we learn more about Tony Maudsley’s weight loss story.

Tony Maudsley Has Signed a New Contract With Coronation Street!

Tony Maudsley of Coronation Street has signed a new contract, confirming his future on the cobbles.  Maudsley shared the news on Twitter by posting a video of his character, undertaker George Shuttleworth, tending to an unconscious Eileen Grimshaw. He wrote, “I only told her I’d signed a new contract and this is what happens! I thought she’d be pleased! That’s George keeping Eyelash on her toes until at least July 2024, and I couldn’t be happier.”

The 55-year-old actor arrived on the cobbles in September 2020, following the death of his father Archie. Since relocating to Weatherfield, George has become close with Eileen Grimshaw, a favorite of the audience (Sue Cleaver). It’s not the first time the two actors have played a couple; they co-starred in the BBC police drama City Central. Later, adding that Cleaver had joined him during his audition for Corrie, he explained,

Me and Sue were married about 20 years ago in a show called City Central. When I went for the part, Sue very kindly came in and read with me and we had an instant connection. When we worked together 20 years ago, we got on so, so well and that spark was absolutely still there. I felt it, Sue still felt it and the casting director and the producer felt it because they said, ‘I think we’ve found our George’.

Despite the fact that George and Eileen hit it off right away, they took their time getting together. Maudsley previously explained why, saying that show executives didn’t want the couple to rush into a relationship because it would be jarring for viewers.