Are Too Hot to Handle Germany Couples Still Together? Are Emely and Kevin Still Together? Are Sophie and Akka? Are Tobias and Stella?


Are Too Hot to Handle Germany Couples Still Together? Are Emely and Kevin Still Together? Are Sophie and Akka? Are Tobias and Stella?

Are Too Hot to Handle Germany couples still together? The viewers want to know if the couples’ relationship survived in the real world beyond Netflix’s reality show. The Too Hot to Handle Germany winners Kevin and Emely are still together. But it’s not clear whether other couples – Sophie and Akka, Tobias and Stella – are still together. However, both the pair seem to be together based on their casual and cute and flirty social media interactions.

Netflix‘s Too Hot To Handle Germany has recently wrapped up its first series, so of course, now we check the Instagram profiles of every couple in the show to see if they are still together. We need to know if the social experiment worked. After all, the reality show is focused on prioritizing individual development and emotional connection over physical and sexual attraction. This is the reason for the ‘sex ban’ being put in place.

So, let’s find out if the couples in the show survived their relationship beyond Too Hot to Handle Germany in the real world and if they are still together now. Are the winners Kevin and Emely still together? What about Tobias and Stella? And there’s Sophie and Akka too? Let’s find out!

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Are Too Hot To Handle Germany Winners Kevin Njie and Emely Kopf Still Together?

Yes, the winners of Too Hot to Handle Germany are still together. Not only did Emely Kopf and Kevin Njie take home €86,000 and become that much richer but they also got a loving and trusting partner for themselves.

The couple did have their fair share of troubles in the villa. First, Kevin got detracted from giving his full attention to Emely because he took an interest in Laura. It was like a love triangle situation for a while and before things could get messy, Kevin chose and stuck to Emely. Their bond was again threatened when they were selected to go on dates with newcomers. But they came out of it fine because they didn’t even waiver for a second.

They even managed to keep their hands off each other and spend an innocent night in the private suite to get to know each other and establish their true needs when before Kevin and Emely had been quite hands-on, self-absorbed, and had a sex-based way. They, like Too Hot to Handle intended, got to a point where they worked on themselves, and they admitted that they are utterly in love with each other.

Emely revealed to Glamor Germany that she had moved in with Kevin finally. She was based in Ibiza before and for some time, they were in a long-distance relationship.

At first, we had a long-distance relationship… but now I’ve moved back to Germany and we live there together.

Are Too Hot to Handle Germany Couple Sophie and Akka Still Together?

Although Sophie wasn’t taken with Akka in the beginning, she got there and now they are most likely together, at least it seems so from their social media interactions which are flirty and teasing. So what if Sophie said she didn’t feel a romantic spark between herself and Akka at the start of the show, she eventually did post a picture of her and him and captioned, “Germany’s favorite reality TV couple” and then Akka called her, “My Barbie.” Things do have a way of coming around.

Sophie and Akka are another couple from Too Hot to Handle Germany that won. They may not have won the show and the money but they did win each other as they seem to be still together. They still seem to be happily involved from their casually cute interactions on social media. They have not confirmed or denied their relationship status but they have been so relaxed and at peace with each other while they were promoting Too Hot to Handle Germany. Even if they are not together, they are still on good terms.

Are Stella and Tobias from Too Hot to Handle Germany Still Together?

Stella and Tobias had a bit tumultuous time in the villa and their bonds were threatened several times but in the end, they chose each other still and ended up together and the Too Hot to Handle Germany couple seems to still be together.

Stella and Tobias connected instantly and they even got physically involved on the first night despite the’ sex ban’ being in place and lost €14,000. But soon after Tobias went on a date with Sophie which did not do well for their connection. He went with Stella but after some time, Stella joined two new castmates in the communal showers causing a great rift in their relationship. However, it looks like they have gotten through it.

I mean, they have not confirmed or denied if they took their relationship beyond Too Hot to Handle Germany but they seem to be still together because they have been exchanging flirty comments on Instagram. Recently, Tobias made a post and captioned, “May I take you out on a date?” to which Stella replied, “Yes, you may.”

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