Traci Melchor’s Plastic Surgery: Did The Television Personality Have Botox, a Facelift, and Lip Fillers?


Traci Melchor's Plastic Surgery: Did The Television Personality Have Botox, a Facelift, and Lip Fillers?

Traci Melchor is believed to have undergone plastic surgery procedures in order to get a more refined and polished look. Fans suspect that the television personality has had Botox, a facelift, lip fillers, and jawline surgery. Traci Melchor has not responded to these plastic surgery allegations yet and until she confirms or denies those speculations, we can’t be certain that she had the cosmetic procedures.

Traci Melchor is a Canadian television personality and journalist. She has been serving as an entertainment reporter for CTV’s series eTalk for more than a decade now. She joined the series in 2008 as a reporter and is now one of their senior correspondents. She also used to host CTV’s The Social. As for her television appearances, she is one of the judges of the reality competition series Canada’s Drag Race.

She began her career in the entertainment industry when she joined CHUM Limited for CityTv as an entertainment reporter. She later began to cohost MuchMusic’s RapCity. Shortly after, she made a move to Los Angeles to get into Hollywood and started to report and host for E!. She also took up several acting roles in a number of television series. She also took a new role with Much Music’s sister station MuchMoreMusic.

Traci Melchor joined eTalk as a reporter in 2008 and still works with them. In 2020, she appeared in multiple episodes of Canada’s Drag Race as Canada’s Squirrel Friend and guest-judged the final episode. Next year, she returned for the second season as the main judge. She returned the following year as well to judge the third season in 2022. Besides all these, she also regularly contributes to The Marilyn Denis Show, CP24 Breakfast, CTV News, and Toronto’s CHUM-FM.

She was one of the entertainment reporters to serve as a correspondent at the 2023 Oscars. Her appearance at the ceremony caused a lot of people to speculate that she has had plastic surgery. She just looked too refined and polished and the viewers couldn’t help but think that she has had something done to her face. Let’s talk about Traci Melchor’s plastic surgery!

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Traci Melchor’s Plastic Surgery: The Entertainment Reporter is Suspected of Having Botox, a Facelift, Lip Fillers, and More to Get a More Refined Look!

Traci Melchor (@tracimelchor) appears to have taken the aid of plastic surgery to achieve a more refined and polished look, people think. They suspect that she has had Botox, a facelift, lip fillers, and jawline surgery.

Traci Melchor is suspected of getting Botox shots on a scheduled basis. She looks way too smooth for her to not have had the anti-wrinkle injection. There are no traces of lines on her forehead and no wrinkles on her face. Even though her face was not supposed to be covered with them, there would have to be little traces of it. But she looks completely polished. And it can’t have happened naturally. She had to have had plastic surgery.

Besides, the entertainment reporter also appears to have undergone a facelift procedure because it’s very noticeable how her face is much tighter than before. If you look at the photos taken of her early in her career and compare those with her more recent pictures, you can tell Traci Melchor definitely has had plastic surgery to tighten her skin. She didn’t have sagging skin before but still, she got her face to look more snatched than before. As a result, her cheekbones are very high and much more prominent than before.

Traci Melchor also looks like she has had lip fillers. She has very voluptuous and full lips that look like they have been injected with fillers. She already had full lips but it seems like she was not satisfied with the volume so, she went a little bit extra and got them filled to make them bigger. However, it’s also possible that she didn’t have plastic surgery and her lips are plump like that naturally.

People also think that Traci Melchor had surgery on her jaw to get a more symmetrical face. In some of her previous photos, her jawline does not look the same as it does in her more recent ones. It seemed a little out of balance before and now, she seems to have corrected it by getting plastic surgery to fix it. Her chin now seems well-shaped and suits her face.

It should be noted that Traci Melchor has not yet responded to plastic surgery allegations. Until she confirms that speculation or denies them, we can’t tell for sure that she has had those cosmetic procedures. Besides, she is very big on skincare and that could be the reason why she looks so refined and polished. She often mentions her self-care routine and skincare methods in interviews.

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