Tracy Moore’s Weight Gain: Is the Cityline Host Pregnant Again?


Tracy Moore’s Weight Gain: Is the Cityline Host Pregnant Again?

Tracy Moore looks totally different now as she has been undergoing a significant weight gain transformation lately. Some viewers even wonder if the Cityline host is pregnant and expecting her third child. Well, she isn’t. The 48-year-old hasn’t really revealed the exact reason behind her transformation but claims that she is okay with how she looks and working out to get back in shape.

Tracy Moore (born January 6, 1975) is a Canadian television journalist who, since October 2008, has hosted the lifestyle magazine Cityline on Citytv. From 2005 until 2008, she was a news anchor on Citytv Toronto’s Breakfast Television. She also occasionally takes over as co-host of Breakfast Television for Dina Pugliese.

She attended Langstaff Secondary School while growing up in Richmond Hill, Ontario. According to presenter Kevin Frankish, “she spent most of her youth as a Baton Twirler with the Progress Yorkettes in York Region.” Moore later received a BA from McGill University and an MA from Western Ontario University.

Prior to working for the now-defunct television station Toronto 1, Moore started her career as a videographer for CBC Television. She later moved on to join Citytv. She was chosen as the winner of the Changemaker Award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television at the 11th Canadian Screen Awards in January 2023. Talking about her personal life, she is married to Lio Perron and has two children, Sidney and Eva.

Being a regular TV host, of course, people will notice your change in appearance. Likewise, many people have been claiming that Tracy Moore has been gaining weight recently. Some even wonder if she is pregnant. Well, here is everything you need to know about her weight gain.

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Tracy Moore’s Weight Gain: While the Cityline Host Is Not Pregnant, She Claims to Be Not Bothered With How Her Body Looks!

In the past few years, Tracy Moore (@thetracymoore) has been undergoing a significant weight gain transformation. As mentioned above, some people also wonder if she is pregnant. Well, Tracy has not made any remarks about her current body shape. However, we can confirm that she is not expecting her third child. Looking at her Instagram, she is certainly not pregnant as she has been attending multiple parties lately. After all, it’s not what a pregnant lady would do.

Even though it’s none of our business, people have been inquiring about the Cityline host’s weight gain story ever since she started gaining weight. In 2021, one Instagram user commented, “Hi Tracy, you’ve put on a lot of weight. Is your health OK?” while another added, “Are you expecting again?” However, the mother of 2 didn’t really want to answer their questions as she captioned one of her posts,

In the meantime, I understand you may feel you deserve answers on why my body looks the way it does because I’m public-facing. But big or small — it’s my body and it actually doesn’t owe anyone anything.

Tracy Moore even added that a woman should never criticize another woman’s body shape. She added,

How does the appearance of another woman’s body make you feel? Be honest. Do you feel ownership? Jealousy? Disgust? Repulsion? Desire? Contentment? Motivation? Inspiration? Now take those feelings and sit down and process them. Not at a keyboard, but internally.

Similarly, she again shared a video on August 2022 on her Instagram about her recent weight gain. In the video of her exercising in the background, she said that she was back in the gym after spending a “foodilicious” three-week vacation in Europe. She explained,

Hey, I’m not immune to the messages we get from society about how we’re supposed to actually hate ourselves. I just work really hard to try and reverse that. So after three weeks of eating all the food — all the food in Europe. Ouf, it was good — I’m back and at the gym this morning, and I had to be really diligent about how I was speaking about my body.

Tracy Moore continued by saying that even though she put on weight while on vacation, she is appreciative of everything her body provides for her. She even admitted that her waist looks thicker and her thighs are bigger now but is determined to work it out. Her video received immediate praise from followers who valued her message of self-love.

However, it seems her strategy has not really been efficient. It has been almost 6 months since she posted the video, however, we don’t really see her losing weight. Matter of fact, she now looks even heavier. Well, either she is too obsessed with the concept of self-love or she might be suffering from some kind of disease as many medications lead you to undergo a significant weight gain transformation.

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