Trisha Paytas Not Very Happy With Her BBL!


Trisha Paytas is not very happy with how her BBL turned out.

Trisha Paytas has had BBL. Even if the YouTuber had not revealed the plastic surgery, there wouldn’t be a doubt about it because she has a butt too big for it to be natural. However, not big enough for Trisha Paytas who wanted a bubble butt. She’s not very happy with the results of her BBL because she does not see much of a difference but she does not regret it either and she wouldn’t undergo the plastic surgery again. 

Trisha Paytas is very silly (in a good way, obviously), goofy and so laid-back. She’s very entertaining with her videos and maybe that’s how she’s managed to stay relevant all these years. The fact that videos that she puts out on YouTube are varied in content including mukbangs, beauty advice, lifestyle-oriented vlogs, and relationship advice. She has accumulated more than 5 million subscribers and garnered more than 1 billion views on her YouTube channel.

The kind of content Trisha Paytas puts out, it’s like her life is her means of livelihood, her business, because there does not seem to be much that she does not share with her followers. She’s the ultimate social media influencer. Her life is like an open book that she reads out on her videos. She’s unbelievably transparent about her life stuff so, it can’t be surprising that she has been very open about her BBL and other plastic surgery. Let’s talk about that today!

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Trisha Paytas Has Been Very Open About Her BBL and Other Plastic Surgery!

Trisha Paytas (@trishapaytasbackup) has undergone a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedure. It’s not exactly a subtle plastic surgery. I think everyone could tell even if she had tried to deny it.

Trisha Paytas is very open about getting BBL to enhance her butt. houseandwhips.comTrisha Paytas is very open about getting BBL to enhance her butt.
Image Source: Insider

Never did Trisha try to deny that she had had butt enhancements. She is one of the very few people who have admitted to having plastic surgery. Even among them, she stands out because nobody has been more transparent about the work they have had than her. She didn’t just do the bare minimum of confirming and not lying about having surgery but she went into details about her plastic surgery. Just take a look at a video she made about her fake butt, addressing questions about her BBL.

Trisha Paytas had low self-esteem as a teenager and while it’s not like she was unhappy with her body, she went the plastic surgery route, probably because she didn’t want to be your regular girl, she wanted to stand out. She got her first boob job when she was 23 and since then, she has worked on her entire body. She got liposuction on her stomach, flanks, and arms as well, and she also had BBL.

While her butt does not appear humongously huge, you can tell that she has enhanced her butt because of her figure as a whole. Her waist is too thin (because she had lipo) for her butt which is disproportionately big for it to be natural. The fact that she looks too curvy like that does not matter to her because she was not going for a natural look with her BBL or her other plastic surgery anyway.

Trisha Paytas once claimed that she “loves the blow-up sex doll look.” Shortly before she went into the Celebrity Big Brother house, she said, of her look,

I tell people, what part of me is going for the natural look? Bleached hair, fake lips, fake tan, fake nail, fake boobs, fake abs, fake butt, fake whatever – you know I’m a fake b***h!

Trisha Paytas Was Going For a Bubble Butt With Her BBL!

Trisha Paytas didn't get what she was going for with her BBL. houseandwhips.comTrisha Paytas didn’t get what she was going for with her BBL.
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Though Trisha was not going for a natural look with her plastic surgery, she didn’t really get what she was going for. The only reason it looks like she has a fake butt is because she had lipo too and her curves are too curvy and unnatural. Her butt alone does not look like she has had a BBL. And she’s not very happy with how she turned out post-op.

Trisha Paytas was going for the extreme look, she was going for a bubble butt. Even though she had a pretty decent derriere before the surgery, she wanted to go extra with it when the trend of having huge a*s took off. The reason she decided to undergo the BBL procedure was that she wanted to have a cartoonishly huge bottom like the Kardashians. She wanted to go extreme.

However, her procedure didn’t turn out the way she expected it to. She does have a bigger rear end than compared to before because obviously, it’s going to get bigger. But she didn’t get the bubble butt she wanted. She just got a more lifted and plumper on her buttock area. She wished for it to be bigger but she had to settle on that because having BBL isn’t exactly a one-day job. It took her six weeks to recover.

Anyway, when Trisha Paytas thinks of her BBL, she does not exactly think that it’s dramatic or life-changing. She does not see much of a big difference and she is not very happy about it but she does not regret that plastic surgery either because a little bit of extra booty is better than no booty. She does not blame her surgeon for how her a*s turned out because as she said, “it depends on the body how the procedure turns out and maybe her body did not take it because she was not supposed to have a bigger butt.”