Ulrika Jonsson’s Plastic Surgery: What Does the Celebrity Big Brother Winner Think About Fillers and Botox?

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Ulrika Jonsson's Plastic Surgery: What Does the Celebrity Big Brother Winner Think About Fillers and Botox?

Ulrika Jonsson has undergone plastic surgery with the goal to look the best for her age, not younger than her age. The Celebrity Big Brother winner got fillers in her cheeks and lips as well. However, she does not appreciate the new plastic surgery trend of getting fillers and Botox these days. Ulrika Jonsson also had a breast reduction, breast lift, and an axillaplasty.

Ulrika Jonsson is a Swedish-British television presenter and model who rose to prominence as a TV-am weather presenter on Good Morning Britain. She moved on to present the ITV show Gladiators. When the models were presented for Playtex Lingerie, she became a team captain of the BBC Two show Shooting Stars. In 1992, she moved into mainstream hosting. She has hosted two major international broadcasts – the Eurovision Song Contest and Miss World. She also participated in Celebrity Big Brother and won.

As a public figure, she has been one of the most controversial ones. She has always spoken her mind even if it lands her in hot water. She has also given her opinions on plastic surgery, admitted to having it, and criticized it. Some might tell that’s hypocritical but she explains herself. But all the same, people don’t appreciate her attitude about the whole thing. Let’s find out more about Ulrika Jonsson’s plastic surgery!

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Ulrika Jonsson’s Plastic Surgery: The Television Presenter Criticized the Trend of Getting Botox and Fillers and Admitted to Having Fillers!

Ulrika Jonsson (@ulrikajonssonofficial) has uninhibitedly talked about all the plastic surgery she has had over the years. She has been candid about the breast reduction and breast lift and axillaplasty she had more than a decade ago and she has opened up about the fillers she has had.

Ulrika Jonsson has a lot of opinions about plastic surgery and the kind of opinions that does not necessarily align with her having the procedures. She has criticized the younger generation for their pursuit of perfection with the aid of cosmetic surgery. And she is not a fan of how they like to pretend they are all-natural seeing that she said that she admitted to having gone under the knife so that the young reality stars would follow suit.

Ulrika Jonsson admitted that she has had filler in her cheeks and some in her lips over the years and then went on to criticize the choices of young girls to have fillers. She made it clear that she doesn’t like this new plastic surgery trend to have filler and Botox, as well as fake hair, false boobs, and eyelashes because as she penned in one of her columns, ‘it is hard to know what it really was that nature gave them, what is it they really look like in the flesh and au natural?’

The reality star believes that a face should reveal the story of a person’s life so she probably hates the fact that girls entirely erase what nature gave them and become completely manufactured when they get work done. And though Ulrika Jonsson criticizes this new trend of plastic surgery and the young girls who breed ‘nothing but insecurity and unhappiness’, she thinks that she’s exempt from the rebuttal herself because despite getting work done, she still looks her age and her face tells her story. She wrote in her Sun column,

But I have always wanted to ‘look good for my age’ rather than ‘younger’. I have laughter lines and worry and anxiety lines. I have sun damage because I am a sun worshipper and have been willing to pay the price. My face has to reveal the story of my life and not be a naked pallet without extraordinary tales to tell. I am a woman of 54 and I think I look it.

Ulrika Jonsson also spilled the beans in a different column about the breast reduction she had ages ago. She revealed that she once asked a plastic surgeon for ‘Kate Moss breasts.’ The former Gladiators presenter said that Moss had a divine body in her opinion which is why when she went for plastic surgery on her breasts in 2009, she requested a chest like the supermodel’s.

At 48, Moss doesn’t look half bad, does she? I mean, we don’t all have her vital statistics (even though I did ask my cosmetic surgeon for a pair of ‘Kate Moss breasts’ when I went for a breast reduction 13 years ago).

It was a big thing for Ulrika Jonsson when she had that breast reduction 14 years ago. At the time (and till now), it was the biggest plastic surgery operation she had that cost her £6,000. And she was happy with every penny spent because it changed her life. Having her bust size down from a 34I to 32C made her feel comfortable in her own skin for the first time in her 41 years.

The Swedish TV presenter had very small breasts (32AA) during her teenage years but as she grew up, she gained weight, and a lot went on her breasts and by 21, she was a D cup. It only got bigger after she gave birth. Her breasts ballooned with each of her pregnancies and after she had her youngest, they remained at the uncomfortable 34I which is when she could take it no longer and went for plastic surgery. She explained,

I just wanted to repair what Mother Nature had inflicted on me during years of childbearing and rearing. It has taken me 41 years to feel this good – this really has changed my life.

Ulrika Jonsson had to get a reduction mammoplasty followed by a breast lift procedure called a mastoplexy to feel better. Laurence Kirwan reduced the skin, fat, and gland tissue and then reshaped her breasts and reduced her bust size to 32C.

When he removed the bandages, Ulrika said that she was on a high and her first surprise after the plastic surgery was that her breasts stayed up because the old ones would have dropped somewhere around her waist. The best thing about her ‘new’ breasts, she said, was that they were actually her old ones recycled and no amount of diet or exercise could have produced them. She said that she felt like she had the breasts of a 16-year-old.

Along with the breast reduction, Ulrika Jonsson also got new plastic surgery to remove excess fat from under her arms called axillaplasty.

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