DCC: Victoria Kalina’s Weight Gain Reasons Unveiled!


DCC: Victoria Kalina's Weight Gain Reasons Unveiled!

Victoria Kalina’s weight gain stemmed from depression and eating disorders, revealing the intense pressure and personal struggles behind her cheerleading career at DCC.

Victoria Kalina, a celebrated member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC), has been a standout figure in the squad for her remarkable talent and striking presence. However, her journey has not been without its challenges, especially concerning her struggles with weight gain and the intense scrutiny that comes with being in the public eye.

DCC: The Story of Victoria Kalina’s Weight Gain & Body Struggles


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Victoria Kalina’s candidness about her mental health and body image issues has shed light on the often-hidden struggles faced by cheerleaders and athletes.  In the Netflix docuseries “America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,” Victoria revealed her battle with depression and eating disorders, explaining how these issues have led to cycles of weight gain and loss. “My depression, like, it turns into this bad cycle,” she shared. “Whenever I get into a bad depression, I turn to bad coping skills, which causes bad eating habits. And as a dancer, the hardest thing you can fight are eating disorders plus depression.”

The pressure to maintain a certain physique is immense for cheerleaders, whose uniforms and performances demand peak physical condition. For Victoria, this pressure was compounded by her personal battles. “I go through the cycle when that depression zone hits. It’s a binge-purge cycle,” she admitted. “It’s a binge to get that feel-good, that empty feeling filled again. But then game time comes, so then you gotta get into those baby clothes, get into that baby uniform, and that cycle just keeps going.”

Victoria’s honesty about her weight gain and the impact of mental health on her body image is a crucial reminder of the human side of athletes who are often idolized for their physical appearances. Her story resonates with many who face similar struggles but may not have the platform or courage to speak out.

Throughout the series, Victoria’s journey is marked by highs and lows, including her decision to take a year off during the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on her mental health. She shared how this break was essential for her well-being, allowing her to engage in therapy and better understand her needs and coping mechanisms. “When I decided to take my year off, I got into therapy,” she said. “I’ve learned that I’m a words-of-affirmation person. I’ve also learned that I do not like to feel my feelings. So I think that’s why I cover that up, I cover up any emotions that I have.”

Her struggle with weight gain was not just a physical battle but an emotional and psychological one. The DCC environment, known for its high standards and competitive nature, added another layer of stress. Victoria’s initial cut from the team at 18, documented on CMT’s “Making the Team,” highlighted the harsh realities and pressures young women face in the cheerleading world.

Despite the challenges, Victoria’s resilience and determination shine through. Her decision to leave the squad after her fourth year, despite the opportunity for a fifth, was a testament to her growth and self-awareness. “Yes, I could prove them wrong and yes I would love to, but I don’t need to. I know I proved them, like, over and over, time and time again. I don’t need to do it again,” she concluded.

More About Victoria Kalina

Victoria Kalina, a standout figure in Netflix’s documentary series “America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,” has captivated audiences with her resilience and honesty about the challenges of being a cheerleader. Her journey, marked by mental health and body image struggles, began with a dream inspired by her mother, Tina Kalina, a DCC candidate from the class of 1989. Despite initially not making the team, Victoria’s determination paid off when she succeeded in 2019.

As a fourth-year veteran, Victoria brought valuable experience to the DCC, benefiting rookie candidates. However, she faced disappointment when not selected as a group leader and openly shared her mental health and body image issues. After seeking advice from her mentors, she was determined to return for a fifth season, feeling she had more to prove.

Victoria confirmed her return for the next NFL season, continuing to cheer at Dallas Cowboys games and taking dance classes to refine her skills. Her extensive dance background includes training in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and musical theatre. Beyond cheerleading, she teaches at The Joffrey Ballet School in Dallas and is involved with Eve, a studio and clothing brand.

With a strong digital presence, Victoria has become an idol on Instagram and TikTok, blogging about women’s health, lifestyle, and fashion. Her brand collaborations, like with Lilly Pulitzer, have been successful, and she shares fashion tips through her LTK store. Victoria’s strong bond with her mother, Tina, who remains her biggest supporter, underscores her journey. Whether visiting New York City or sharing heartfelt posts about her mother, Victoria continues to honor the legacy her mother began while creating her own path.

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