Victoria Fuller’s Ethnicity: Is The Bachelor Alum Adopted? The Reality Star’s Ancestry Discussions on Reddit!


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Victoria Fuller's Ethnicity: Is The Bachelor Alum Adopted? The Reality Star's Ancestry Discussions on Reddit!

Victoria Fuller’s ethnicity is something that has been discussed ever since she came into the reality TV scene with The Bachelor. The reality star has a fully Caucasian mother whereas the ancestry of her biological father is largely unknown. So, people think Victoria Fuller is half white and they want to know what other ethnicity she is because she clearly looks mixed.

Ever since Victoria Fuller broke into the reality television scene and came on Season 24 of The Bachelor to win the heart of Peter Weber, she had everyone’s attention. It does not matter whether she managed to captivate the viewers with her stunning looks or her personality. The point is everyone was talking about her. Plus, she was also one of the most controversial contestants on the show.

People either loved her or hated her but could not ignore her. The reality star was on everyone’s minds for the things she said and did. And more than that, for the way she looked which is to say that she definitely looked mixed so, for her ethnicity. She did identify as white but she didn’t look fully Caucasian. This has created curiosity among fans about Victoria Fuller’s ethnicity.

Victoria Fuller’s Ethnicity: Fans Wonder if The Bachelor Star is Adopted!

Victoria Fuller  (@vlfuller) is undoubtedly a very stunning person who has managed to captivate the viewers of The Bachelor with her looks and charm. Her personality and attitude might have created a divide in terms of whether people like her or not, but never her appearance. Even haters or non-fans who simply just don’t prefer her, all agree that she is gorgeous. This kind of attention to her looks has created curiosity about her ethnicity.

One of the reasons why people think she is so good-looking is that she is mixed. They think it’s her combined heritage that makes her look so unique and striking. Only they don’t know her ancestry and thus, they are not sure about her ethnicity.

They only know that Victoria Fuller’s at least half-white because her mother is fully Caucasian while they don’t know about her father as he is long gone. So, what the other half is? That’s their question. Her ethnicity was one of the things that were largely discussed after Season 24 of The Bachelor aired. Like, there’s a thread on Reddit dedicated to discussing her ancestry. The post that just said, ‘Just flat out if anyone knows her ethnicity? She’s absolutely stunning to me,’ has more than 170 comments.

And according to the comments on that post, Victoria Fuller is either part Hispanic or South Asian or East Asian or African or Middle Eastern. Some think she’s for sure Hispanic while there are others who think she is half black half white. A half-back, half-white Reddit user wrote that the reality star resembled themself and their siblings to them but most people think they are Latina, Arab, or East European.

A lot of people seem to think that Victoria Fuller’s got African roots as her hair has some African basis while others think that her complexion and features are complete giveaways for the Asian DNA. A person wrote that she appears middle eastern, probably Iranian or Lebanese and Fuller is a last name they have seen in a lot of Middle Easterners.

The discussion about the reality star’s ethnicity just goes on and on. Some people have tried to find out about her ancestry by her last name Fuller and her father. Her mother is white so her father’s heritage is the one to be unlocked apparently. But he died when Victoria was 19 and there are not many pictures available of him. So, they got no closer to finding out her ethnicity like that and got more confused because apparently, Douglas Fuller (her father’s name) is the whitest name ever. Though some said that could be an African-American man as well, not many were convinced of it.

So, they came to the conclusion that Victoria Fuller’s biological father must be mixed which makes sense because she identifies as white because then she would be 75% white and only 1/4th of another ancestry. Some people thought like this whereas others thought that she might be adopted. Fans had begun speculating that she might be adopted ever since they made the observation that she looked nothing like her parents who were shown in a post-credit scene in the episode in which Peter travels to Virginia to hang out with Victoria and her family.

A fan even questioned Victoria Fuller on Instagram if she was adopted and if that was why her ethnicity is different than that of her parents. To that, The Bachelor alum responded,

No. My biological father passed away when I was 19. But my step dad is my world!

Which is a great thing to hear that she has such a close bond with her stepfather but that still does not give her ethnicity away.

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