WWE: Vince McMahon’s Plastic Surgery; What’s Wrong With His Face in 2022?


WWE: Vince McMahon's Plastic Surgery; What's Wrong With His Face in 2022?

Vince McMahon has been highly suspected of having taken the aid of plastic surgery to look young. People believe that the WWE chairman has had Botox injected into his face which has ruined his face. Many wrestling fans are trolling Vince McMahon over his ridiculous plastic surgery in 2022 and talking about how terrifying and ridiculous he looks after the Botox procedure.

Vince McMahon is an American professional wrestling promoter, executive, and media proprietor who is currently serving as the chairman and chief executive officer of WWE, the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world.

He is also the founder and owner of Alpha Entertainment. He started his career in the 1970s when he commentated for his father’s then-WWWF. In 1982, he bought WWWF and later developed the annual WrestleMania, which has since then become the most successful professional wrestling event ever.

In 2001, World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which was the biggest competition to WWE in the 1990s, Vince bought it. He also acquired the assets of the defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 2003.

Having gotten rid of all kinds of competition, Vince McMahon introduced a number of programs for WWE and embarked on a number of ventures for it. For instance, in 2014, he launched the WWE Network, a subscription-based video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service.

Not only WWE, but Vince (the latest subject of plastic surgery) also is the owner of all the other WWE subsidiaries related to multimedia, such as film, music, magazines, and a professional wrestling school system.

Besides everything to do with wrestling, Vince McMahon also twice joint-owned and operated the XFL, a football league, which was both times folded after a single season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He also once headed the short-lived World Bodybuilding Federation. He also co-owns the clothing brand Tapout.

After he started to get involved in wrestling more closely i.e. after gaining the ownership, he adopted a very different persona than before, when he used to be a personable, play-by-play announcer, and created the gimmick of Mr. McMahon.

As Mr. McMahon, he is an always suit-wearing difficult, and disagreeable tyrant who is just plainly obsessed with maintaining tight, agenda-driven control of his company at any cost. He had a catchphrase he growled, “You’re Fired.” He also has a Mr. McMahon: Kiss My A&& Club, in which he inducted several WWE talents and later forced them to kneel and then literally kiss his a&&.

As Mr. MacMahon, he used to occasionally compete in wrestling matches. While doing so, he has become a two-time world champion, a Royal Rumble match winner, and a multi-time pay-per-view headliner.

Vince McMahon is a third-generation wrestling promoter following in the footsteps of his grandfather Jess and father Vincent. Most people might recognize him as the father-in-law of Triple H.

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Vince McMahon’s Plastic Surgery in 2022: What Happened to His Face?

Vince McMahon (@vincemcmahon) has been in the spotlight, now for a long time not because of the obnoxious gimmick of Mr. McMahon, but because of the plastic surgery rumors.

People once took a look at him while he was on the grand stage of WrestleMania and never looked back after that. There were always going to be rumors of plastic surgery from then on because of the way Vince looked.

Vince McMahon’s looks started a discussion about himself on the internet. From that discussion, in which many people took part, it became clear that there were lots of people who believed that Vince did undergo some cosmetic alterations.

Loads of them thought that Vince had a plastic surgery gone very wrong. All of them agreed that it was botox that had ruined Vince’s appearance tragically like that.

A lot of wrestling fanatics were unsettled by how terrifying the pioneer of modern wrestling looked. Some of them thought that he looked like he was wearing a Vince McMahon mask except it was not a mask and really just his face.

Most people found his very appearance to be very creepy. Some of them were grossly reminded of corpses because they thought that his face, especially his lips, looked the way someone’s face would look if they were laying in a casket.

And also a lot of people seem to be thinking somewhere along the lines of that because they have said that Vince McMahon looked like the character of Danny DeVito in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia during the Beauty Pageant episode, in which Danny’s character emcees the pageant and has his stage makeup done by a mortician.

Others seem to think that he has been taking steroids, which has made him look that ‘ridiculous.’ There are a few people who believe that it is just his old age that is the reason behind how he looks. Such people are then ridiculed and silenced because ‘they have nothing of value to add to the conversation that arose out of, not malicious intents, but just general curiosity.’

To the conversation of Vince McMahon having the wrong kind of plastic surgery, Vince has not chimed in once. Never has he ever spoken to people to stop commenting on his appearance or stopped to confirm or deny the speculations of plastic surgery.

Until he says something himself, nobody is going to believe that he didn’t have Botox that went horribly wrong. Facelifts are not going to be ruled out either.

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