Viola Davis’ Plastic Surgery: Did The EGOT Winner Get Botox and a Nose Job?


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Viola Davis' Plastic Surgery: Did The EGOT Winner Get Botox and a Nose Job?

Viola Davis has become subjected to plastic surgery speculations following her win at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Audiobook. The EGOT winner looked like she had undergone a nose job and Botox as well, people thought. Viola Davis, however, has made no comments about the plastic surgery speculations.  

Viola Davis is a powerhouse of acting. She is easily one of the most talented and skilled actresses in America. Her numerous accolades can attest to that. She was ranked ninth on the list of greatest actors of the 21st century in 2020 by The New York Times and she was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2017 by Time. he is also one of the few performers to have won an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Tony. She’s the sole African-American to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting.

She recently added a Grammy Award which she won for the audiobook narration of her 2o22 memoir Finding Me to her list of accolades, making her an EGOT winner. Her appearance at the award ceremony prompted plastic surgery speculations about her for the umpteenth time. Now, people on the internet are trying to determine if she’s had a nose job and Botox or not! Let’s learn more about Viola Davis’ plastic surgery!

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Viola Davis’ Plastic Surgery: The How to Get Away With Murder Actress is Believed to Have Botox and a Nose Job!

Viola Davis (@violadavis) is suspected of having plastic surgery procedures such as Botox and a nose job.

Viola Davis is not new to plastic surgery speculations. She has faced accusations of having a nose job and Botox numerous times. Now is just one time more which has been prompted by her appearance at the 65th Grammy Awards where she won a Grammy for her audiobook. It does not look like she’s done anything to her face. I mean, she does look different now from the way she did before at the beginning of her career. But it looks like the change in her style and makeup mostly. She does not seem to have aged much despite being 54 years old but that might be just her black heritage.

But people haven’t ever considered the change in her style and her makeup and her heritage in connection with the change in her appearance. They just speculate that Viola Davis has undergone plastic surgery blindly. They think she has undergone a nose job because apparently, her nose looks much thinner than before. But she still has a wide nose bridge and wide nostrils. Only sometimes, it looks thinner and that’s probably due to contouring and makeup.

When experts were consulted for their opinions, Dr. Jennifer Walden told that she didn’t think that Davis has anything done to tweak her facial features and she looked the same as ever whereas another plastic surgery expert, a rhinoplasty specialist in particular, Dr. Paul Nassif said that it looked like Davis did get an implant in the dorsum region to thin out the tip of her nose.

Dr. Anthony Youn claimed that Viola Davis had injected Botox into the smile area near her lips. Other people think she has had Botox in more areas than just that one, given how wrinkle and line-free she seems to be in the photos. Many imagine that’s how she has achieved that youthful look she possesses at her age. She is even believed to have had hydroquinone to lighten her face. But, really calm down with all these plastic surgery allegations because her forehead moves and she is not completely devoid of wrinkles. She frowns and there are lines. Plus, she does not have the smoothness in her forehead that Botox brings.

Viola Davis does have a flawless complexion and a flawless appearance. But that looks more natural than it looks like she had plastic surgery. Besides, she has always been vocal about being passionate about skincare. She has revealed that she drinks Alkaline water all the time to keep her skin fresh, and that she also has steam showers and does an acid peel for that. She also sometimes does a red-carpet facial kit that completely smooths out her skin.

Besides that, there’s a very low chance of her getting a nose job to change her nose and hydroquinone to make her skin lighter. She would not have plastic surgery. When Viola Davis was asked about her approach to hair and makeup, she said,

Viola, as a little girl, had nothing to counter what society was telling me about myself. They said that I was too dark, that I was ugly. Therefore, I was not even on the radar of beauty and I never realized how much damage that did to me. And now, I can look back at 55 at the six-year-old Viola, and I want to honor her. I can’t honor her by going out there saying, “I’m still not pretty enough. I’m too old.” I can honor her the way I honor my daughter and other young people by looking at that six-year-old Viola by reconciling her beauty and going back and literally saying, “Viola, you were beautiful.” When I look in the mirror now, I’m literally reconciling my lips, my nose, my crinkly hair, my skin tone. I celebrate it. That’s what makes me take risks. I’m going to celebrate all of it. That’s what makes me Viola Davis.

I think that means there’s no way Viola Davis is changing any facial features of her face to look appealing to match arbitrary and subjective and unfair standards of beauty. She really said no to plastic surgery.

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