Virginia Willis’ Weight Loss: The Chef Lost 65 Pounds in Two Years!

Derick Scholz

Virginia Willis' Weight Loss: The Chef Lost 65 Pounds in Two Years!

Virginia Willis had a weight loss of 65 pounds in two years all the while tasting recipes that shocked and intrigued people who thought that it was unbelievable. But all the chef did was change her eating habits, her diet, and her exercise routine. Virginia Willis dialed back booze, weighed herself every day, ate more low-calorie and fiber-rich food, and kept herself hydrated which contributed significantly to her weight loss.

Virginia Willis is a lot of things. She is a chef, she is a content creator, she is a motivational speaker, and she is a social media influencer. She has written cookbooks and has won the James Beard award for it and she has participated in Food Network shows. She is a Food Network Kitchen talent and an on-air personality. She is a lot of things but most things she does is related to cooking.

After earning a B.A. from the University of Georgia, she started her studies in culinary arts at L’Academie de Cuisine in Maryland. She continued her culinary studies abroad at Ecole de Cuisine LaVarenne in Burgundy, France after graduation. She completed her graduation from there with a Grand Diplome in 1995.

Virginia Willis’ first job in a professional kitchen was as an apprentice to Southern Food authority Nathalie Dupree. She worked as test kitchen director on her PBS cookng series. She has worked as an editorial assistant to French cooking authority Anne Willan and she also worked as a Kitchen Director for celebrity television hosts Martha Stewart and Bobby Flay.

She began doing cooking shows and her production career when she produced and directed such shows as Epicurious (The Discovery Channel) and Home Plate (Turner Studios). She currently produces culinary videos through Culinary Media Training and Productions, which she co-founded with Cynthia Graubart.

She has appeared in Eating Well magazine, on the cover of Woman’s World, and as a success story with her weight loss in Allrecipe magazine. Her coverage in Allrecipe magazine has really intrigued a lot of people because it mashes up two different things people don’t really think of as a single thing – a chef (food) and losing weight. Here are all the deets about Virginia Willis’ weight loss!

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Virginia Willis’ Weight Loss: Learn More About The Cookbook Author’s Diet, Meal Plans, and Workout Routine!

Virginia Willis (@virginiawillis) managed to shed 65 pounds in two years all the while testing recipes nonstop, suffering from a herniated disc, dealing with the breakup of a 10-year relationship, and amidst the global pandemic. Her weight loss came as a shock to everyone who thought it was an unbelievable feat. She says she is not one of those people who’s like ‘I can’t eat that’ and is always like ‘bring it’, which people don’t think aligns with her weight loss story.

Virginia Willis, a sturdy woman, as she calls herself never wanted to be a skinny person. That was not what motivated her weight loss journey. All she wanted was for her clothes to fit her a little better and for herself to move a little better and to not feel ashamed of her size. So, maybe that’s why she managed to squeeze in food along with losing weight. She never kept herself from eating.

Her diet even when she was at her heaviest wasn’t terrible. She avoided processed foods and ate lots of fresh fruits and vegetables even then. And she went to the gym even then. The only problem that was contributing to her size was that Virginia Willis was also drinking and eating too much and she was using too much butter and cream too. And on top of that, when 2020 came, her physical therapy facility for back pain was closed and her gym was too. So, she had to find other ways to keep herself healthy and that was how her weight loss came to be.

For the sake of her spine health, Virginia Willis kept a list of anti-inflammatory foods in her fridge like red fruits and veggies, soy, flaxseed, nuts, and olives. She also relegated red meat to a weekly treat and replaced most starchy dishes with veggies. And the gym was closed but she walked and not only that helped her in shedding her weight but it also helped relieve pandemic stress. She also went alcohol-free during Covid-19. Though it was because booze and her back meds didn’t mix well, she continued it that way even after she was off the meds. Her weight loss had motivated her to keep it up.

Virginia Willis had a weight loss of 65 pounds and she loved the new her. She felt so good about losing 65 pounds because she didn’t need that spinal procedure anymore and she had never been able to get into a Child’s Pose quicker, and her blood pressure, cholesterol, and other numbers were better than they were a decade ago.

And the best part of her weight loss was that she did it while eating the food she loved. And in the end, the success of her weight loss story was exercising or walking daily, eating veggies and fruits,  keeping an eye on portions and calories for another, and embracing and then fully giving in to the idea that one small, healthy behavior leads to another.

Virginia Willis didn’t deprive herself of tasty food, just kept it under control, dialed back the booze, weighed herself regularly, kept herself hydrated, and ate more low-calories and fiber-rich food, and all that amounted to a significant weight loss which made her feel the best way about herself.

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